Saturday, November 7, 2009

By the sea and the beach

I see the boat drifting away
towards the ocean horizon
into the unknown and far

As the sun sets
the crowd starts to leave
the sky turns red
and after a while i see the first stars
of the night.

The waves regain their strength
and start to jump higher

oh! these waves have the strength
to break the rock to sand
in the ocean was born the fate of land
Into the the ocean does everything return

the time spent on the beach
alone or with a friend
remains in the memory till the end
the sea wind soothes the soul and the mind
All my worries look trivial
and I have gained the calm strength of the sea.

the waves erase the footprints
on the beach and make a new
beginning for the fresh sun

some birds love to dive
into the ocean waters
and catch the fish
in the light of last hours

one can see the fun of nature
in the play of the small silly birds
with the encroaching waves

As the sun sets on the horizon
I feel the silence take over me
lost in utter quite
i loose all sense of surrounding


Sundeep said...

Very good, buddy.

One suggestion - check on the use of 'Alas'. I don't think it fits with what you say after that.

Gade said...

(used as an exclamation to express sorrow, grief, pity, concern, or apprehension of evil.)

yes, you are right. I should say something positive like a word for relief from mental suffering. I will modify it.