Saturday, April 30, 2011

ACOM and market in general

Dow jones has been rallying. Went up from 12500 to 12800.

ACOM went up 45 percent. Time to short the stock on monday. Tzoo similarly went up to 100 and came down to 80. Massive speculation in ACOM.

Most probably the stock will go up to another 5 percent during the morning session but then it will inverse
and by closing time it will decline atleast 10 percent. So watch out.

URI has not fallen yet. But still below the 30 day average.

There will be a correction in the market after earning week is over. Watch out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long term investing

Instead of putting the money in 401 k one can as well make their own portfolio for stable long term stocks with good dividends. This method is to invest in stocks with increasing revenues and increasing dividend every year. Stocks like KO, MCD, JNJ, WMT have been doing that for a long time now.

This for a really long time investment like 15-20 years. There is a good think in not selling of the stocks. One need not pay the taxes on capital gains and the long term capital gains is only 15 percent compared to 30 percent on short term. So that is the advantage and it is much better than investing in some Universal or Variable life insurances which charge exorbitant administration and other charges.

But the only problem is that one has to stick to the plan. That is the reason why one has to put affordable amount of money and not too much into these account every month. Since I also scaled down on my 401 K , I have to invest in something for long term. And this is the best way to do it. Just leave it for many many years to come. What ever the circumstances never sell this portfolio. Just let it grow. 

Life insurance

Looking at all these options, I feel just taking a term insurance and investing the rest of the money in long term dividend stocks like walmart, verizon, etc  of my sharebuilder account which gained 20 percent is a better idea. None of these universal or variable  can give me this kind of return. All of them have high administrative charges which eat up all the cash value. If you are looking for cash value just go for long term dividend stocks, because the money compounds.
1. The stock price risk is offset by the compounding of the dividend money. Suppose the stock price goes down 10 percent. That is off set by two year compounding of around 4 percent dividend money. So over a long time, it does not matter a 10 percent stock price.
2. Instead of giving the money like 400 dollars to Universal life which has high administrative charges and which equals you own money in 7 years, you can as well make a lot more money by just using Sharebuilder and putting the same kind of money there.
3. Take the term insurance you are really worried about Life insurance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have to get into Options

1. Buy only good companies like netflix. Good growth and higher capital companies.
2. Buy only stocks with high option volume.
3. Never get into companies that have low or even medium option volume
4. Look at the slope of the growth
5. Buy options at least 4 month time length.


Thursday evening earning release. Earlier I bought this stock at 43 at a wrong price. It took dip to 38.5 and is coming up again. People are expecting this stock to go up after the release.

Lets see what happens. I need 10 percent profit so cover my losses. If this stock goes up 10 percent it will also go up 20 percent. It broke resistance at 35 with heavy volume. Now at 40.

Buy when the stock goes up and today's was a good buy.

URI is still below the 30 day moving average. It might go down tomorrow. I just want to switch to ENDP for a while because of the 55 percent jump in revenue news tomorrow. And the stock has been rising too.

I was right on it. But the price I paid for it before was more at that time when the stock dipped to 38.5. Any ways back into the stock

Great signs it will go up is breaking for a big base with high volume. the market is also in bull phase now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Probability of Uptrend and downtrend, selling and buying decision

During an uptrend, the probability of going up is higher than down turn. That is the reason why there are usually 2-3 days of uptrend and 1 day of downtrend. The probability of going up is high. That is the reason also why one should alway hold the stock during an uptrend. Do not sell even after getting 20-25 percent profit.

The same holds for shorting stocks during a downtrend. The days of going down are more than going up. So keep holding till an equilibrium comes.

These are basics and reason why one should hold when the stock is following the rules of uptrend or downtrend. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drive unhappiness away

The problem is solved when I think I am everybody. There are no others. There is no jealousy.

The mind divides. The soul identifies.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth, Sun and the Moon

I live in this half spherical dome
Painted blue from the inside,
A ball of red fire rises from one corner daily
that we call the sun.
It goes all the way across the diameter
When the ball sets down
Another soft white ball appears
That we call the moon.
The blue dome become sprinkled
with spotty shining spots we call stars
and the moon dances in between them.
Every day the same spectacle appears.
Oh, the rising and setting of the fire ball
and the mingling with soft vapors called clouds
makes such beautiful patterns and color mix.
The dome takes orange, violent and ash colors
All this is possible because of the great fire ball.
Sun!!! I am in love with you.
When the soft clouds get heavy with moisture
they form colorless liquid drops that fall
on the solid ground called Earth.
On this ground is where I live.
This spectacle we call as raining.
When it rains the sun is hidden behind the clouds
It gets too dark and when the clouds
have exhausted themselves
the sun comes out from hiding.
The sun and the clouds play the
hide and seek game.
Mostly we people are busy with ourselves
on earth but some fall in love
with these spectacles happening everyday.
Everyday the great Sun brightens the day
These hours we call morning.
There are some flying winged animals
we call birds and there are green solid
semi conscious fixed woody beings
we call trees.
All nature is so happy with the coming of the Sun
It is beyond description
Lately, my body is responding
to Sun just like a bird
who sings soft tunes in happiness.
Like a tree fresh from night sleep.
My body when touched by those
beautiful rays of light and warmth
responds to the grace with love.

All nature is connected by this
inner divine feeling called love.

I thank thee for giving such peace
when love is missing the being
dries up like a waterless seed.
Love is like water to the seed.

When the sun sets on the opposite of rising
the stars slowly take off their mask
and shine and dance.
Some fall in love with the moon and stars.

The light from stars
takes several years to come to earth.
Our dome become dark and has deep
penetrating eyes.
The more one gazes through it
the more deeper it gets.

But I say that I love Sun the best.
He is the supreme being.
Without him nothing is possible.
He is the Supreme Lord.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

URI is following the rules

URI crossed the 30 moving average with high volume on the downside. It is entering the start 4. This is the optimum time to short a stock. It pulled back to form the shoulder on the right of the head. It is the typical text book formation of head and shoulder. I shorted heavily on this stock at this price of 29.5.

I am expecting it to go down to 23 in a couple of weeks. There will be some pull backs on the way. All one has to do is hold the stock until it is below the 30 day MA. Put a buy to cover, stop limit , 5-6 % above the 30 MA.
Only some stocks go, and cross the 30 MA depending on the volatility of the stock.

In this case URI is not that volatile that it crosses the 30 MA. So hang on the ride down dude!!! This stock should help me get out of the recent losses into the fertile profit area. And the profit will be good money. Please do not mess up this text book case man.

Print chart

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some shorting oppurtunities and many stocks at their very highs

Shorted URI and NOG. have to wait a week to see what happens. They are in the down ward direction.
Market did well today.

URI formed the head and shoulder formation and the historical data shows that this stock has fallen several times before after reaching 30 range.

Many stocks are on the top levels. There are many with good fundamentals like fossil, netflix etc. But there are also stocks hitting tops and coming back. Like Riverbed, NOG , URI and Jupiter networks. These are in Phase 4.

One has to buy stocks that have very strong fundamentals at the top otherwise it may start coming down. Fossil and SHS were good buys that i messed up.

Any way just have to wait. Nothing to worry. Put the buy to cover, sell stop order and just wait for the stock to fall. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



GREAT LIST. Why did I sell it out?? One reason is to cash out  15-20 percent above 30 day moving average and most of the cases, whenever the stock moved up, it went 50-60 percent up.

Hmmmmmm. Need to rethink about the whole strategy. Follow the basic instruction the book Secrets of profiting in Bull and Bear markets. The book does not talk about continuation rally and other patterns but the basic idea of holding above 30 day moving average is so important.

Any way I had to learn the hard way. At least now I know, the reason why.  Stocks can consolidate 50-60 percent above the 30 day moving average so do not sell. Just keep holding even if there is a correction of 10 percent. Buy at right points and keep holding till the stock comes 7-8 percent below the 30 day MA.

Selling 15-20 % above the 30 day average in a rally

When to sell and when not to sell to get into safely and cash out.

1. It is good to sell when you think it is the end of the rally and there is a lot of speculation going  on. This should be the only reason to sell the stock.

2. My selling BRKR at 20.8 was good because after correction it came back to 19.5 and I bought it at 18.8 when it was close to 30 day moving average.

3. My selling VRX was a horrible thing to do even though I made a profit at 44. 5. This stock when to 53.

I am making this blunder and it has cost me several thousand dollars. I was right on VRX it is an excellent stock but did not hold it to get all the gains. I sold it prematurely to cash out profits. Fast moving stocks can go more than 30 percent sometimes and consolidate at the top. This has happened with best stocks like VRX and BIDU and many others. So it is a mistake to sell it even if it is 15-20 percent above the 30 day moving average. It is unpredictable and it is good to just hold it and learn to hold stocks.

Not holding stocks like CMG and many other stocks cost me several several thousand dollars till now.

Ofcourse I did not understand what was continuation rally in the case of Riverbed and Polypore and also Chipotle. I am still learning.

Especially when the stock is in continuation rally, I observed  that it consolidate far from the 30 day moving average. The primary rally is slow and bordering the 30 day moving average but the continuation rally is rapid after the usual cup and handle formation. One should never sell the stock just because it is 15-20 percent above the 30 day moving average. It is a blunder to do so. Example is LULU and SINA and BIDU. All of these and many others consolidated 30-40 percent above the 30 day moving average. Even VRX that moved from 35 to 53 .That is like a 60 percent move. What a move!!!!!! Great. I missed it because of misunderstand and not holding the stock. The stock can consolidate much much above the 30 day moving average.

Learning learning. So never sell except if stock comes 7-8 percent below 30 day moving average. This will save you many thousand dollars profit.

Similarity between BIDU and SINA and LULU

BIDU one of the growth stocks of this year is a stock that needs to be studied. When there was recession it went down to 10 dollars on  June 9 th, 2009. Now it is at 150. What a stock!!!!

Coming to the details, the stock went up to 40 from 10. Then it consolidated there for some time. Then the extended continuation rally began. The stock moved from 40 to 70 dollars. Then it consolidated there for one month from May to June 2010. Then it took a cup and handle formation and moved to higher and higher to 80 then to 100. It consolidated at 100, for a couple of weeks. Formed a solid base, then moved to 150 now.
One of the best stocks that moved in from of my eyes.

Now come SINA, it has a similar graph and is in the same sector. Also LULU has a similar graph. They both may not be such big winner as BIDU, but there is ample chances that one of these stocks will move higher and higher.

LULU formed a big base at 40 dollars, then broke resistance and never looked back. Now it is at 100. I think now they moved 20 percent and will consolidate for a couple of weeks and move again another 20 percent. These two stocks need to be in close observation along with BIDU.

These 3 stocks are a good buy even now when they consolidate on the 30 day moving average. Go for it dude!!!

Choosing simple model and golden rule

When there are many stocks to choose from, it is best to choose a model that is easy to follow. For example, the model I choose for HOC is complicated. Instead I should have chosen JAZZ.  It is in its first phase of rally. Not even in its extended rally.

I remember not understanding the continuing rally in Riverbed and Polypore and losing a lot of potential profits.
The best thing to do is choose stocks still in their first phase of rally and moving smoothly over the 30 day moving average with regular dips on the 30 day average. This is the simplest model to deal with. At least when I invest other peoples money I should use this model.

There are many stocks that doubled with this model like AZO, DLTR and many more. Today I found

I saw Jazz when it was around 29. Now it is 34.5. Hmmmm.

Endo is a big gamble. Lost money on it. It is still above 30 day average, but it has a history of not following rules. I should have observed the history carefully.

250 K is the target dude. When will you make it??? I may have to short a couple of stocks to get my money back like 6 K . Shorted NOG at 23 , will cover at 22. Have to do that a couple of times.

The Golden Rule is to always buy on the 30 day average. I didi not follow the rule with Endp and HOC, guess what, lost money. 

Buy to cover limit order

Buy to Cover Limit Order

A Buy to Cover Limit Order is an order used to attempt to cover (close) a currently open short position at a price that is lower than the current market price.
Example: Suppose you currently hold 100 shares of Pfizer (PFE) that you previously Sold Short @ $30 per share. Assume it is currently trading at $25 per share. You would like to exit the trade (cover) and take profit if it reaches $22 or less.
You place a Buy to Cover Limit Order @ $22 on 100 shares of PFE. Now suppose the price trades down to $22. As long as the price remains below $22 per share, your short position would then be closed at the next best available price that is $22 per share or lower, representing a profit of at least $8 per share ($30-$22).

The main benefit of a Buy to Cover Limit Order is that you may be able to exit your short position at a price that is lower than the current market price and you are able to set a minimum amount you're willing to exit at (your limit price). Buy to Cover Limit Orders are great for taking profit on Short positions.
But, if the stock's price reaches your limit price, but then changes direction to the upside before your order is filled, you will not exit the trade. Also, if the price never reaches your limit price, you will still be stuck with your short position.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The age of Kali: description of Indian temple

The conscious fecundity of the temple is evident in every aspect  of its decoration. Spiralling out over the cornices and the finials of the arcades are a great anarchic cavalcade of mask heads, demons, demi-gods and godlings, peeping out from the angles, coming to roost under the pendetives; a great spiralling pantheon of Hindu
deities that is repeated with even greater vigour over the towering gopuras.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green Card through EB-5

1.What is EB-5 Investor Green Card?
Permanent resident status based on EB-5 eligibility is available to investors, either alone or coming with their spouse and unmarried children. Eligible foreign nationals are those who have invested, or are actively in the process of investing, the required amount of capital into a new commercial enterprise that they have established. They must further demonstrate that this investment will benefit the U.S. economy and create the requisite number of full-time jobs for qualified persons within the U.S.

2.Who is eligible for EB-5 Investor Green Card?
You may be eligible for EB-5 immigrant visa:
 If you establish a new commercial enterprise by:

   Creating an original business
   Purchasing an existing business and simultaneously or subsequently restructuring or reorganizing the business such that a new commercial enterprise results; or
   Expanding an existing business by 140 per cent of the pre-investment number of jobs or net worth, or retaining all existing jobs in a troubled business that has lost 20 per cent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months; and
 If you have invested, or are actively in the process of investing, in a new commercial enterprise:

   At least $1,000,000, or
   At least $500,000 where the investment is being made in a ‘targeted employment area,’ which is an area that has experienced unemployment of at least 150 per cent of the national average rate or a rural area as designated by OMB; and
 If your engagement in a new commercial enterprise will benefit the U.S. economy to:

   Create full-time employment for not fewer than ten qualified individuals; or
Maintain the number of existing employees at no less than the pre-investment level for a period of at least two years, where the capital investment is being made in a ‘troubled business’, which is a business that has been in existence for at least two years and that has lost 20 per cent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months.

Targeted Employment Area (TEA)

A Targeted Employment Area is defined by law as “a rural area or an area that has experienced high unemployment of at least 150 percent of the national average.”
'Rural Area' - means any area not within either a metropolitan statistical area (as designated by the Office of Management and Budget) or the outer boundary of any city or town having a population of 20,000 or more.
A Targeted Employment Area (TEA) for EB-5 Visa purpose allows $500,000 USD investment rather than the regular $1 Million USD.
The USCIS Regional Center designation allows the requisite job-creation to be indirect and induced, as well as direct.
When you have a Targeted Employment Area within a Regional Center you get a EB-5 project that requires $500,000 USD and allows job-creation to take place through directly and indirectly, but sometimes all indirectly.

starting my own pharmacy links

Also contact your local SBA(small business administration) agency in your area. They can help you out tons.
Hire an accountant, a consulting firm, and a lawyer to purchase a large pharmacy. The consulting firm will asses if its profitable, the accountant will make sure the profits r legit and not inflated. The lawyer will deal with the transfer of the business to u.

Originally Posted by james07 View Post
What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting your own Pharmacy? Approximately how much can one aspect to make owning there own Pharmacy and how do you go about starting one? How long do you have to be a Pharmacist before your able to start your own?

-thanks in advance
The advantages are numerous. You can practice the way you want to practice pharmacy, and you answer to yourself. The income potential is unlimited, and governed really only by your imagination. Some entrepreneurs love owning one store, while several go on to own a mini-chain. You're net worth grows, the more successful you become. You set your own hours, which can be good or bad. You become an important pillar of the community, and if you are really good some people will rely on your expertise. You can put other people to work, and help improve their lives. You can contribute to charities, and help them with the massive amounts of money you'll be making. Helping people in this business is extra important.
 If you talk to most pharmacy entrepreneurs, most will tell you that they opened a business because many were not happy working for the corporations and they feel that they were not practicing pharmacy. I guess they were happy with their decision.

On to disadvantages. Cost to start up one is about 100-450k, depending on what you want to do. If you are doing a startup, it takes a while to generate business. If you are acquiring an existing one, if can cost you much, much more. You also need to specialize these days. Old-school third party pharmacies are going out of business these days because of low reimbursements, so that avenue is closed. Look to compounding, or closed door pharmacies. At first, you may have to do everything yourself(accountant, stock person, technician, pharmacist, janitor).

You can start a pharmacy as soon as you graduate. It's up to you. If you are seriously interested in becoming an entrepreneur join your local chapter of NCPA or check out Or posts requests on the NCPA subforum here.

The biggest disadvantage of pharmacy business and other healthcare industry today is that we have lost our ability to manipulate reimbursement for profit. Basically, we can't charge for goods and services as we wish. It's predetermined by the 3rd party payors and contracts.

And the reimbursement is getting smaller everyday.


There actually is a way to get around the funding issue (although not until the credit crisis has eased up). First, you want to make a viable business model. Second, take it to some small business gov't group and have them determine whether it is viable. Third, draw up incorparation papers (so you aren't liable) and take out a loan if you can. Fourth, well it's in your hands...

Any flaws? I read somewhere there is a small business bureau that helps new business start up.


There is a group out there called SCORE(counselors for small business). Here is a link

Also contact your local SBA(small business administration) agency in your area. They can help you out tons.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is sugar toxic?

"In animals, or at least in laboratory rats and mice, it’s clear that if the fructose hits the liver in sufficient quantity and with sufficient speed, the liver will convert much of it to fat. This apparently induces a condition known as insulin resistance, which is now considered the fundamental problem in obesity, and the underlying defect in heart disease and in the type of diabetes, type 2, that is common to obese and overweight individuals. It might also be the underlying defect in many cancers."

"Emerson’s argument was countered by Elliott Joslin, a leading authority on diabetes, and Joslin won out. But his argument was fundamentally flawed. Simply put, it went like this: The Japanese eat lots of rice, and Japanese diabetics are few and far between; rice is mostly carbohydrate, which suggests that sugar, also a carbohydrate, does not cause diabetes. But sugar and rice are not identical merely because they’re both carbohydrates. Joslin could not know at the time that the fructose content of sugar affects how we metabolize it."

"Until Lustig came along, the last time an academic forcefully put forward the sugar-as-toxin thesis was in the 1970s, when John Yudkin, a leading authority on nutrition in the United Kingdom, published a polemic on sugar called “Sweet and Dangerous.” Through the 1960s Yudkin did a series of experiments feeding sugar and starch to rodents, chickens, rabbits, pigs and college students. He found that the sugar invariably raised blood levels of triglycerides (a technical term for fat), which was then, as now, considered a risk factor for heart disease. Sugar also raised insulin levels in Yudkin’s experiments, which linked sugar directly to type 2 diabetes. Few in the medical community took Yudkin’s ideas seriously, largely because he was also arguing that dietary fat and saturated fat were harmless. This set Yudkin’s sugar hypothesis directly against the growing acceptance of the idea, prominent to this day, that dietary fat was the cause of heart disease, a notion championed by the University of Minnesota nutritionist Ancel Keys."

"You secrete insulin in response to the foods you eat — particularly the carbohydrates — to keep blood sugar in control after a meal. When your cells are resistant to insulin, your body (your pancreas, to be precise) responds to rising blood sugar by pumping out more and more insulin. Eventually the pancreas can no longer keep up with the demand or it gives in to what diabetologists call “pancreatic exhaustion. Now your blood sugar will rise out of control, and you’ve got diabetes.
Not everyone with insulin resistance becomes diabetic; some continue to secrete enough insulin to overcome their cells’ resistance to the hormone. But having chronically elevated insulin levels has harmful effects of its own — heart disease, for one. A result is higher triglyceride levels and blood pressure, lower levels of HDL cholesterol (the “good cholesterol”), further worsening the insulin resistance — this is metabolic syndrome."

"This raises two obvious questions. The first is what sets off metabolic syndrome to begin with, which is another way of asking, What causes the initial insulin resistance? There are several hypotheses, but researchers who study the mechanisms of insulin resistance now think that a likely cause is the accumulation of fat in the liver. When studies have been done trying to answer this question in humans, says Varman Samuel, who studies insulin resistance at Yale School of Medicine, the correlation between liver fat and insulin resistance in patients, lean or obese, is “remarkably strong.” What it looks like, Samuel says, is that “when you deposit fat in the liver, that’s when you become insulin-resistant.”

"By the early 2000s, researchers studying fructose metabolism had established certain findings unambiguously and had well-established biochemical explanations for what was happening. Feed animals enough pure fructose or enough sugar, and their livers convert the fructose into fat — the saturated fatty acid, palmitate, to be precise, that supposedly gives us heart disease when we eat it, by raising LDL cholesterol. The fat accumulates in the liver, and insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome follow."

"Michael Pagliassotti, a Colorado State University biochemist who did many of the relevant animal studies in the late 1990s, says these changes can happen in as little as a week if the animals are fed sugar or fructose in huge amounts — 60 or 70 percent of the calories in their diets. They can take several months if the animals are fed something closer to what humans (in America) actually consume — around 20 percent of the calories in their diet. Stop feeding them the sugar, in either case, and the fatty liver promptly goes away, and with it the insulin resistance."

"Similar effects can be shown in humans, although the researchers doing this work typically did the studies with only fructose — as Luc Tappy did in Switzerland or Peter Havel and Kimber Stanhope did at the University of California, Davis — and pure fructose is not the same thing as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. When Tappy fed his human subjects the equivalent of the fructose in 8 to 10 cans of Coke or Pepsi a day — a “pretty high dose,” he says —– their livers would start to become insulin-resistant, and their triglycerides would go up in just a few days. With lower doses, Tappy says, just as in the animal research, the same effects would appear, but it would take longer, a month or more."

excellent article. 

Link to Journal of Economic perspectives archives

Excellent journal and interesting articles for non-academics and professionals at the same time. 

Excellent paper on India-pre and post crisis and reforms needed

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stocks forming big bases *******

When stocks form big bases and break the resistance with high volume like ENDO from last week and SHS and many others that is the time to get in. These stocks usually move 30 percent within a week. I could not understand it for till now and did not observe them and suddenly they climbed and I missed the change. So I made a separate portfolio for big base stocks to observe them when they break. There are innumerable instances when I missed big opportunities because of not following those stocks in a separate portfolio.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Living in denial

Scientifically and simply speaking, the body is made of a skeletal framework of bones, vital organs, blood, muscles and covered by skin. The body has deficiencies, suffers, disease afflicts it. It ages every day and at last dies. Instead of all these deficiencies why do we love the body so much?

The reason is that we identify with it. When we identify with it we attach our presence to it. The happiness we experience in life we ascribe it to the fact of existence in the body. We think, it is because of the body I am able to enjoy this existence; without the body I am no body. For a long time we do not even think about death. When in youth rarely one thinks of death. This is called illusion of living forever and denial of death approaching.

Our identity is strongly attached with the body. We see ourselves different from others not only in the mind but also the way we look. Again scientifically speaking, the way our cells and organs work is the same in every body. But we do not see those similarities. We only observe the external appearance and mostly facial difference.

When the body ages and when death nears, that is when we fear the loss of body. 'Where will I go after death', we ask ourselves. This question does not cross our mind during our youth because we think it is far  away in life, why should one think of long term problems. We also think no one is asking such weird questions why should I worry about it now. Indeed if we had a spiritual culture surrounding us, we would have at least tried to contemplate such questions but with this kind of technocratic and material world we live in such questions as our identity of the body do not trouble our consciousness.  We keep procrastinating important questions of our existence till the end. Just like we keep procrastinating to study for an exam till the last day. But one day or the other we have to think about it because the truth is that body is temporary. Some one looks beautiful because many things in nature have their own aesthetic beauty. For example my dog looks pretty too and many other birds look beautiful too. Our body is a part of nature and it also shares the beauty of nature with its contrasting colors and proportional shapes.
Some look better than others because our parents look better. Some one with fair skin and dark hair looks beautiful because of contrasting colors that our eyes find attractive.
No matter how attractive the body may look in its youth, the skin wrinkles and organs slow down as it ages. Because we think happiness can only be obtained by the only source that is the body we lust after its enjoyment.
We have greatly expanded the politics of the body. How do I stand or how do i cut my hair to impress someone? When we see a beautiful women and when she walks away we feel a potential source of happiness is going away from life.  All this because of the identity with the body.

Just imagine that if we were not the body but some one else living in the body. We are limiting ourselves to the body even though we know it dies one day because we do not want to miss the delight in live which we think mistakenly that it can be only found through the body in the external world. What if we are consciousness living in the body and the consciousness has the ability to concentrate on itself and go deeper and find delight independent of the body? This possibility is there and open and can be found in
all mystic traditions of religions.

The meaning of life completely changes when our identity changes from the body to consciousness. Our purpose in life changes.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love and Grace

Love and Grace of God

I see your grace in the warmth and light of the morning sun
Love and grace of you Oh Supreme being;

I adore you Oh Lord;
Giver of inner happiness.

My life is one day of consciousness
broken by several earthly nights
Each earth day an opportunity
of advance and union and adoration.

When I see light of the sun
I adore you.
Without the sun is anything possible on earth?
Creator of the cosmos
Sun is love, Sun is light, Sun is grace
It is a dream that our life on earth
is so perfect and life at all is possible.

I meditate on your love and grace
Inevitably you pull me deeper and deeper
Sweetness drips into me like honey into lips

Everything on earth responds to the Sun
you are the breath of life to every leaf and flower on earth

Those human beings who forget your grace are unhappy;
In simplest things that we take for granted
there is incredible grace.
Why should the Sun appear at all?
But he does, what a wonder!
Is it not a act of love and grace?

The more I recognize your acts of love and grace
the happier I become.
Love and grace of God
Love and grace of the Divine

Those who are absorbed about themselves
worried about their happiness
do not see your acts of love and grace;
they take things for granted
and seek things beyond their scope in external world;
Unhappy are they who do not appreciate you.

Maker of the cosmos,
wonderful galaxies and unknown worlds
I see you in the Sun.
It is said that you are brighter than a thousand suns;
Love and Grace of the Divine.

I see your love in the smile of the child;
In the love laden lick of my dog;
In the pleasant breeze touching my cheek;

Love and Grace of God.
Loving you leads to bliss.
Your consciousness is bliss.

To meditate on your love and grace
is the easiest way to taste your bliss.

Love and Grace of God
There is certainty in your love
as opposed to worldly joys.

Love and the triple path: a terrific chapter in spiritual literature

"Therefore,  to approach God by love is to prepare oneself for the greatest possible spiritual fulfillment."

"Where external worship changes to inner adoration Bhakti begins; that deepens into the intensity of divine love; that love lead to the joy of closeness in our relations with the Divine; the joy of closeness passes into the bliss of union."

"It is true that love returns gladly upon a difference of oneness, by which the oneness itself becomes richer and sweeter."

" Rather as Knowledge of the Divine grows, delight in the Divine and love of it must increase"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

understanding the pattern of the trend

The pattern that forms is characteristic of the stock. There are many chances that the pattern repeats itself in the continuation rally.

For example, VRX and SHS have a similar pattern. These stocks go up steadily and never come down. VRX when up from 30 to 35 stabilized there for a couple weeks at 35 then moved to 40 then stabilized there for a couple of weeks then moved to 54 now. These are the kind of stocks that people loose patience during consolidation and sell it off to see the stock move up 30 percent in the next couple of weeks. These stocks when they consolidate they touch the 30 day moving average and some time stay there, borderlining the 30 day moving average for a couple of week. I have seen this happen a number of times and I was deceived many times and sold of the stock. But I realized now that that was great mistake. Look at SHS, this is a wonderful stock. When it moved to 40, I did not purchase it but it is now at 54. The good thing about this kind of pattern is that these stocks never come down 5 percent and are always above the 30 day moving average. When it broke the resistance at 30, this stock just jumped.
These are the kind of stock where you want to put the limit order just above the resistance and leave it for a couple of weeks. When it clicks, that will be one of your best buys.

There is another pattern like the one in BRKR, this is like the stock goes up 15-20 percent then comes down 5-6 percent to touch the 30 day moving average.

Again and again, stock that have less number of stocks like OPEN and TZOO, less than 30 million shares, jump like crazy after a couple of weeks of consolidation. Need to watch out for these stocks all the time. When the break the resistance, they will jump 30 to 50 percent.

So the point is when you see the pattern, with long resistance, when ti breaks the resistance, it breaks it with full force and moves 30 percent. One needs to keep watching these stocks when they will break the resistance. When they do, do not sell but hold unlike the other pattern that goes up 20 percent and comes down 5 percent. Even those stocks the make half loops above 30 day moving average, there is no need to sell but follow the stock with sell stop trailing.

Still learning. Until the stock down not cross the 30 day moving average, and goes to stage 3 hold the stock.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to put limits on Short sales

1. Use Buy to Cover, then Stop and put the upper limit. If sold short at 6.0 put buy to cover at 7.0, stop.

If the stock goes to 7 it will sell it off.

2. If you want to buy or sell at a certain number, use Limit, and input the number. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reducing Risk with large percentage of portfolio in specific stocks

One mistake that caused some potential great profits is that I sold stocks too early in the rally expecting a future correction. But the correction came a week later and the stock took of 20 percent in between. 

In  a situation like that I have to keep 50 percent of the stocks on hold and sell the rest of the 50 percent. 
I lost good profits in CAT which I sold at 107 which is now at 113 expecting the stock to go to 110 and stay there. Also VRX I sold the stock at 44.5 with 600 shares. Now it is at 53. I should have in such a situation sold 300 shares and kept the other half on hold. This would have decreased my risk and also would keep the profit in case of a good move up.