Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Thursday evening earning release. Earlier I bought this stock at 43 at a wrong price. It took dip to 38.5 and is coming up again. People are expecting this stock to go up after the release.

Lets see what happens. I need 10 percent profit so cover my losses. If this stock goes up 10 percent it will also go up 20 percent. It broke resistance at 35 with heavy volume. Now at 40.

Buy when the stock goes up and today's was a good buy.

URI is still below the 30 day moving average. It might go down tomorrow. I just want to switch to ENDP for a while because of the 55 percent jump in revenue news tomorrow. And the stock has been rising too.

I was right on it. But the price I paid for it before was more at that time when the stock dipped to 38.5. Any ways back into the stock

Great signs it will go up is breaking for a big base with high volume. the market is also in bull phase now.

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Gade said...

there was some buying before announcement stock went up from 39 to 42, after announcement went down 6.5 percent to 69 in one day.

One has to be care about stocks that go up before announcement. These kind of stock can go down after announcement. Some speculation involved. I am thinking this stock will go back to around 40 and wobble around this range until some new buyer comes in and does a bulk purchase.