Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Similarity between BIDU and SINA and LULU

BIDU one of the growth stocks of this year is a stock that needs to be studied. When there was recession it went down to 10 dollars on  June 9 th, 2009. Now it is at 150. What a stock!!!!

Coming to the details, the stock went up to 40 from 10. Then it consolidated there for some time. Then the extended continuation rally began. The stock moved from 40 to 70 dollars. Then it consolidated there for one month from May to June 2010. Then it took a cup and handle formation and moved to higher and higher to 80 then to 100. It consolidated at 100, for a couple of weeks. Formed a solid base, then moved to 150 now.
One of the best stocks that moved in from of my eyes.

Now come SINA, it has a similar graph and is in the same sector. Also LULU has a similar graph. They both may not be such big winner as BIDU, but there is ample chances that one of these stocks will move higher and higher.

LULU formed a big base at 40 dollars, then broke resistance and never looked back. Now it is at 100. I think now they moved 20 percent and will consolidate for a couple of weeks and move again another 20 percent. These two stocks need to be in close observation along with BIDU.

These 3 stocks are a good buy even now when they consolidate on the 30 day moving average. Go for it dude!!!

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