Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth, Sun and the Moon

I live in this half spherical dome
Painted blue from the inside,
A ball of red fire rises from one corner daily
that we call the sun.
It goes all the way across the diameter
When the ball sets down
Another soft white ball appears
That we call the moon.
The blue dome become sprinkled
with spotty shining spots we call stars
and the moon dances in between them.
Every day the same spectacle appears.
Oh, the rising and setting of the fire ball
and the mingling with soft vapors called clouds
makes such beautiful patterns and color mix.
The dome takes orange, violent and ash colors
All this is possible because of the great fire ball.
Sun!!! I am in love with you.
When the soft clouds get heavy with moisture
they form colorless liquid drops that fall
on the solid ground called Earth.
On this ground is where I live.
This spectacle we call as raining.
When it rains the sun is hidden behind the clouds
It gets too dark and when the clouds
have exhausted themselves
the sun comes out from hiding.
The sun and the clouds play the
hide and seek game.
Mostly we people are busy with ourselves
on earth but some fall in love
with these spectacles happening everyday.
Everyday the great Sun brightens the day
These hours we call morning.
There are some flying winged animals
we call birds and there are green solid
semi conscious fixed woody beings
we call trees.
All nature is so happy with the coming of the Sun
It is beyond description
Lately, my body is responding
to Sun just like a bird
who sings soft tunes in happiness.
Like a tree fresh from night sleep.
My body when touched by those
beautiful rays of light and warmth
responds to the grace with love.

All nature is connected by this
inner divine feeling called love.

I thank thee for giving such peace
when love is missing the being
dries up like a waterless seed.
Love is like water to the seed.

When the sun sets on the opposite of rising
the stars slowly take off their mask
and shine and dance.
Some fall in love with the moon and stars.

The light from stars
takes several years to come to earth.
Our dome become dark and has deep
penetrating eyes.
The more one gazes through it
the more deeper it gets.

But I say that I love Sun the best.
He is the supreme being.
Without him nothing is possible.
He is the Supreme Lord.

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