Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reducing Risk with large percentage of portfolio in specific stocks

One mistake that caused some potential great profits is that I sold stocks too early in the rally expecting a future correction. But the correction came a week later and the stock took of 20 percent in between. 

In  a situation like that I have to keep 50 percent of the stocks on hold and sell the rest of the 50 percent. 
I lost good profits in CAT which I sold at 107 which is now at 113 expecting the stock to go to 110 and stay there. Also VRX I sold the stock at 44.5 with 600 shares. Now it is at 53. I should have in such a situation sold 300 shares and kept the other half on hold. This would have decreased my risk and also would keep the profit in case of a good move up. 

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