Monday, January 25, 2010

stink of death

I smell the stink of death everywhere
Death is unpredictable and a great leveler
Earth is the place for this drama
man the protagonist and death the enemy
Death is the usual winner and man the loser
One feels as if all conditions on earth
favor the tactics and ruse of death.

you are given only some time to achieve
and enjoy spurts of happiness meanwhile
As long as you live on this piece of universe
death haunts you as your shadow.
What can be done to escape this suffering?
You may die of disease, mental agony,
accident of nature or man.
Death is everywhere and every day.
Yet man treats death as a distant relative
though hears its name does not bother
to know more about it or know it.
Death is born along with life
as a shadow it sleeps with man
on his cradle and follows till the grave.
Death is body's constant challenge.

Amid the loss of lives, suffering and war
some hope for some great power to save
But suffering continues and continues unabated
Seems as if there is no end to man's suffering.
What can be done to escape this suffering?

I see some artists, musicians,bards,
scientists fighting the shadows of death on earth
and to lift the darkness
and to bring unearthly joy into life.

Man cannot escape the pinch
of other human and animal suffering.
I want to embody the goddess of happiness
on this land of suffering and death
Lift the torch of bliss on this land of suffering
Lift the spirit of the suffering man
With my energy and aspiration
bring smile on the lips of the dying man.

One feels as if earth were made
to be the land of the dead
Life struggles the earth's catastrophes
life struggles the ignorance of man
Life suffers the war and hatred
On this land of death
shall we sow the seeds of bliss
I shall embody the goddess of bliss.
Replace the stink of death
with the fragrance of rose.

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