Friday, March 12, 2010

The women in red

"I was waiting in the parking lot for the new date. It is almost 9 pm now and she asked me to get there by 8 pm. what must have happened to her. Her voice was so sweet on the telephone unlike any other women I talked before. I think I will marry her and give her whatever she need all her life. I would satisfy her to the utmost", thought vishaal.

It was a busy street and there were several restaurants,boutiques on this street. The traffic was not as bad as it usually is on this street during sunset. Vishaal was standing in front of the VICTORIA restaurant. People who passed by him gushed through him as if he never existed.

Vishaal thought, "where were all these people heading to? may be they all have a family to return to, a girlfriend or just a sweet home. Everybody goes home after work whats wrong in it. Where else can they go otherwise. all souls want to go home after wandering outside. They feel relieved when they get home this separation from home and getting back after work gives unrewarded satisfaction. 

she also said she would be dressed up in red gown. Vishaal's eyes now concentrated on everything red visible on the street. Vishaal thought," I should not miss anything red today. What a fool I would be if she came here today and I missed her because I was lost in some other lousy thought or distraction.

I cannot miss her in my life. She is the only train to the other side of my life. How great is married life indeed no one should miss the pristine pleasures of it.

Is it not the right age for me to get married? All the women I talked to were either too proud or too gullible. I want someone who is smart and intelligent. A women who can keep me happy either by honesty or trickery. I do not care. I only want happiness. When we are all dead who cares if we were happy for the right reasons. Life is too short to ask these questions and even if we ask them who cares for the answers. Just be happy by whatever means".

Now vishaal was looking at red color like never before in his life. Red was the only color he liked now or probably for rest of his life if his love showed up in her pretty dress.

People who went into the restaurant were coming with happy faces. Everybody looked happy and satisfied to him and he is the only one gloomy and lost. His future was in jeopardy now.  How sweet she was talking to him on the telephone. This telephone conversation was going on from a month now. He thought that no matter how a women looks she has to talk properly to a man. She has to know how to joke when he is upset or turn around his mood to happiness. Women was made to do that after all by the almighty. Who cares how she looks as long as she knows the art of mood uplifting"

Now it was getting too late may be 9.30 pm. Every minute was a long year for him. He was loosing confidence now.
How could she do that to him. He has given whatever kind of emotional support on the telephone as possible. There could not be anybody else who can be more decent and supportive of her future desires like him. Then after all this month of sweet talk why has she not turned up on time?

Life is a mystery he thought and time is another mystery. It drags when you really want it go fast.
He thought of giving one more concentrated and patient look to everything red in the area including the windows,neon lights, walls and people. when he has lost all hope he hid his face down and was looking at the square tiles on the footpath.

Suddenly a women came from his back and asked him if he was vishaal. Vishaal turned around in excitement, the kind that happens once in a lifetime. He stared at the women in Red for a long time. All the while she was making some gestures and talking to him but he could not hear her. when at last he woke up from this blankness and daze he could now hear some faint and wavering sounds in the air.

"Vishaal can you hear me? what is wrong with you?" said the women

Vishaal woke up and said that his name was not Vishaal and left her immediately.

when he came back home, he thought how could he get married to a women who does not look good even if she paints herself with red color. A man needs a women who looks good. Who needs a women who is intelligent and nice talking. A women has to look good and the man should feel that her beauty would not fade away like the everlasting mountains. he never picked up the phone calls again from this sweet talkie girl.

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