Friday, June 15, 2012

POKER lessons

On big pots if you do not have the best just let it go. this is the one skill which is so hard to learn but that is the key. This is the master skill. For example I had a pocket AA and the flop came 8 hearts, 7 clubs and 9 hearts. The other guy when all in. I had 250 dollars. I knew it was a open ended straight and a flush possibility. But the gambling instinct took the upper hand. I went all in and there was a flush on the turn.....The point is was it necessary to take that kind of risk. the master skill was to lay down the pock AA. If I did that I would be a master.

The big pocket pairs are the most difficult cards to play. One way to play them is to go like 50 dollars or more on preflop or go with a small raise like 15 to 20 dollars then when the flop comes just be ready to let go if there is a straight or flush possiblity. These are the only two ways to play these pocket pairs. And it is better not to go all in on small pocket pairs.  It is too much gambling and losing all the chips should not be the plan.

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