Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Car servicing Rip off !!! How to save money

Why don't we save enough money after all the expenses? Looks like we have not spent much but at the end of the money all the tiny little expenses accumulate to eat away the bank balance. Here is one way to save money on car repairs.

I went to this Midas servicing center for buying the spare wheel( I am talking about the core metal inside the tire). The one I have got damaged during last road trip. He quoted me 120 dollars. I was happy because I took the tire replacement guarantee, however I have to purchase the wheel core.

Later there was my engine light on problem. For which I had to go to the show room and it was the catalytic converter problem. In California it has to be done only at the show room because of the environmental pollution regulations. The part was 500 dollars and the servicing charges were another 500 dollars. What can I do, I had no choice but to spend that kind of money since no one else does it.

The show room service center gave me a list of things still to be done like the water pump replacement, air filter, cabin air filter. They also advice oil change after 5k miles.

Later, I suspected the part prizes at Midas and at the show room. Midas quoted me 220 dollars for the water pump and the Toyota show room 480 dollars for the replacement. I went to Auto Zone for the price quote on the parts. The water pump was 55 dollars but the servicing charges were kinda high like 250 dollars for the extensive labor time it takes to replace it. Casually, I asked the prize of wheel core and they quoted me 34 dollars at Auto zone. I just paid 140$ with taxes for it at Midas. I was just ripped off.

I went to pepboy auto parts where I met a nice guy who would help me determine if there was any leaking problem with the water pump. He checked and give me some tips on how to monitor the leaking situation and for now he cannot see any signs of leaking.

So, I advice everyone to purchase the parts that are necessary for repair work at Auto Zone or pepboy auto parts and then hand it over to your mechanic. These car mechanics make more money on auto parts than labor servicing. And the Toyota show room advices replacements that really do not need it. Get your oil change every 3.5 k miles. They show room says 5k miles oil change but several mechanic told me it is best if done after 3.5k. Spend wisely and learn from my rip off.

happy saving!!!

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