Wednesday, September 23, 2009

simple things that make me happy

1.Taking out my dog on a morning walk. My dog wakes me up from sleep and waits at the door and looks at me intently till i wear my slippers and clutch the leach in my hand.
2. when I see my washing sink empty of used vessels. It is such a pleasure to see the sink clear and neat.
3. When I see the smile on my son's face. He makes happy with all the question he ask me.
4. When my son and my dog spend time together, running after each other and fighting.
5. when i learn a new tune on my piano
6. when i listen to soft jazz on 94.7 fm
7. when i meet one of my old customers at the pharmacy and have a little chat with them about mundane things.
8. its a pleasure camping and trialing with my son and my dog
9. Drinking fruit juice with my son at juice-it-up
10. to see my pay check in my bank deposited
11. Of course the sunrise,sunset,clear starry sky are fabulous. Appreciating nature gives us hope and admiration for life and sense of connectivity with the universe.
Man cannot pollute these far way nature. They remind man of beauty of nature.

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