Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As a seed grows to be a tree

As a seed grows to be a tree
I struggle to grow to the divine
I need the company of like-minded
like the fresh air to the plant
I need the wisdom and light of peers
like the sunlight to the sprout

As I grow towards the divine
there are many paths that my energies
can take me. I try to grow straight
towards the divine sun but there
are many forces that deviate me
from the heavens above.

The hustle and bustle of the forest,
materialism, money and sex
distract me and also the perverse
habits of the body to take pleasure
in old habits of the body.

life is an obstacle and a helper
sleep is an obstacle and a helper
I am a slave of my mind.
Happiness is above the mind
stands untainted alone and pure.
the stairs to bliss are within me.

Life is a struggle with yourself.
There are forces that want to
bring you back to darkness.
I saw the divine light and
felt the charge in my sleep.
the divine mother hears me.
As a plant grows to be a tree
there is uncertainty.
Though I know thee and enjoy thee
still there is perversity in the body.
The body enjoys the perverse pleasure in sleep

It takes a little wind to break
stability of my mind.
Feelings of anger and rage
are as if hiding behind the curtain
to show their ugliness in a burst.
Come to the fore, with a little wind.
Like the little plant is shaken from the ground.
All stability feels like an illusion
All self knowledge and love is tested.

Amid all this frustration 

I need to grow towards the divine.
There are prayer and self concentration
as my aids. All life is the search of pure bliss.
The stairs to bliss are within me.

I am confident even in my sadness
that the divine has taken interest in me.
There is no other way
but to exceed myself.
As the plant grows to be the tree
In time the seed becomes a tree.
Life is bright and sunny
with the joy of growth and learning.

I have understood that life
is about bringing bliss to earth
I am tested everyday in my faith.
Not to act on thoughts that
bring unhappiness to earth.
Unhappiness is the seed of unhappiness.
Happiness is the seed of more happiness.
As the seed becomes the tree
there are many paths that take you nowhere.
Into tracks of dust and disease.
All life becomes a pain.
Sorrow bites your soul and heart
and thoughts of purposelessness
become your aid to suicide.

There is strife and pain everywhere
I have made my purpose to bring
happiness in into sorrow land.
As the seed grows to be the tree.
I have faith in the sun
and that life has a purpose
and the purpose is to blissful.
I am born to be happy.
From where has this sorrow come?
I shall enjoy everyday
I shall be silly and free like a child.
Of what purpose is this seriousness?
Rules, customs and seriousness
are for the people of the sorrow land.
I want to be the citizen of the happy land.

I shall learn to remember
the divine in my misery.
quickly my misery shall turn to delight
I have faith in the sun.
As the seed loves the sun
I shall love the divine.

Those who want to follow me
Do not listen to hawkers of sorrow
Life is all about bliss within
In the warmth of sun and sipping of cool water
shall I grow towards the divine.
Amid my mind's sorrow shall i remember the sun
The sun is the supreme light.
I am the warrior who has faith in the sun
during absolute darkness and hopelessness.
My faith in sun brings the sun closer to me.
As the seed grows to be the tree.

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