Friday, April 23, 2010

stock analysis 4/23/10

I just sold CMG for 34% profit. That is a good progress. I see the stock deviate too much from the
30 day average with is at 122. So sold it at 144. But when it comes back to near the 30 day average I may enter the rally again.

Now my attention is on LVS and MGM. These casino stocks seem to be moving up. One interesting observation is that these stock fell 90-95 percent when the recession hit in 2008. They are the first to loose most of the value and on a brink of bankruptcy. These are called the cyclicals. They are seasonal business. Like the holiday cruises and seasonal industry.
These two stocks are the last to move up after the major stock move after the recession. The financial was the first to make progress and rest followed. LVS and MGM have doubled already but there is a great scope for them to move upwards.

Got out of espx and vrx because they are showing no greater movement. Their fuel is almost empty looks like. Though I got out with a penny profit in in espx and a penny loss in vrx.

The major profit came from restaurant industry that i correctly guess was making progress. I am still holding DPZ. its p/e is only 10. I can see more scope of going up.

Bought LVS. Thinking of getting into MGM.
Bought RCL for 35.79, this stock moved so nicely. It still has some fuel left in it. I want to take the ride till 40 and then may be sell it off.

RCL balance sheet actually does not look that bad. Its a profitable company. LvS is the one that is in losses but this industry is recovering. this is where most profit can come from.

Restaurant industry recovered and hence investing in that gave me good profits.

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