Tuesday, May 4, 2010

correction came

 I predicted and was out of the market at the right time. I got into the market again. Got DPZ, VZ and shorted Cse.

Have to be vigilant about this stock. VZ, I am going to keep it for sometime because it gives nice interest 6.5 %. Can keep it for long term. VZ is a natural monopoly. They have enough extra cash to give of dividents.

Already reaping some profit in CSE. I am hoping if CSE goes to 4.5, i can buy back the shares.

Dpz, i want to hold it for a little longer because of its low p/e and also feel that the uptrend will continue after little gap of may be a couple of months. So it is the time to hold. 

There are some nice shorting opportunities out there.

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Gade said...

made a mistake on dpz. there is no reason to buy it below the 30 day average. it is time to short the market. anyway, never never buy stock below 30 day average. time to wait for another rally to start. Until then just wait.