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Peptic ulcers

Asparagus (Asparagus racemosa) Asparagus is known to be an antispasmodic. It reduces the fire in the stomach. The root of the asparagus is effective in reducing the hyperacidity of the digestive system.
indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) The Indian gooseberry, or amla, is very beneficial in the treatment of several stomach ailments, gastritis included. The other digestive ailments it is used for dyspepsia, burning sensation, anorexia, vomiting and hemorrhage.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gastritis
Amalaki choorna or Triphala choorna is given in a dose of three grams thrice a day for seven days.
If there is constipation along with gastritis, then Avipattikara choorna is taken as the medicine of choice. The dosage is two teaspoonfuls at bedtime.
There is a list of other Ayurvedic preparations that are useful in the treatment of gastritis. Some of these are Dhaatri loha, Sukumara ghrita, Sootashekhara rasa, Kaamadudha rasa, Leela Vilas rasa, Chandrakala rasa and Amalapittantaka rasa.
Ayurveda offers a wide range of drugs for this condition. One of the safest drugs that can be used regularly is Avipattikara Churna available in powder form. It is digestive, anti-flatulent and antacid. Regular use promotes ulcer healing by arresting excessive secretions of irritating acid and juices in the digestive system and throws out the unwanted toxins from the GI Tract through Virechana i.e., purgation.

  1. Amlaki - Botanically known as Emblica Officinalis, Indian gooseberry is highly useful and the fresh juice extracted from the fruit along with some sugar, if consumed daily on empty stomach, works wonderfully in this condition.
  2. Certain plants which have astringent properties like Patol Patar, Brahmi, Aloe etc., are very useful in the treatment of peptic ulcer.
  3. The decoction of barley, pipal, parval along with honey, can be taken for ulcers and acidity twice daily in the dose of 25 to 50ml.
  4. The powder of Harar (2.5gm to 5gm) mixed with honey and gur has proved very effective for controlling peptic ulcer.

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Asparagus is Shatavari good for hyperacidity