Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Each Glorious Day,Oh sun

Here rises again, the glorious one,
The promise of a new day,
An opportunity to vindicate
and to find the inner way.

A new day to work out
the great yoga of the lord.
Rays from sun give eternal hope.
Surrender to the light
and be one with the ray.

May each day be a stepping stone,
An ever increasing surrender.

Until one surrenders where is oneness?
To enjoy the glory of the lord in Oneness?

This ray has marched vast cosmic spaces
to touch and warm this body and give hope.

O glorious one, O the shiny one,
Whence is life without your light?
You are the molder of earth
from a billion years from its birth.
Oh Glorious one!

The glimpse of the waters shining
your light gives such delight
Your light is a blessing.

May I float like a weightless paper
amid your streaming rays
Bask in stillness in the morning light.
The best moments of communion.

May each day be an ever increasing
journey of bliss and revelation.
Lord you are everywhere.

Each new day, a day for yoga
In your warm light, I touch
the inner self and silence.
Your morning rays are hope
and harbinger of things to come.

Each day be a closer day
Each day a prayer in surrender.
How shall oneness come without surrender?
How shall the jiva be one with the Lord?

Each day a glorious day
your rays touch my heart
awaken the sleeping soul
to aspire for greater life.

Let man heel himself
with your soothing warmth.
Your rays travel a vast comic spaces
to touch  a million faces.
Such is your love.

Let each day be a prayer
Each day a better one.
Jiva, forgetting his identity suffers.
Ignorance pervades this earth.

The body hides the soul.
When your rays touch my heart
At that mystic moment
I surrender.

What I was thinking, I am
becomes I am not.
Mind's mask and clout falls.
The soul discovers the truth.

Each day be a better day
and touch a deeper bliss.
Bliss and silence come hand in hand.

Bliss heels the body.
Who said, the lord does not cure?
Jiva can heal himself.
The Lord is within.

Each day a better day,
O glorious, luminous one.
You give hope from high in the sky.
You see the ills of the world
Yet shower your love and light.

I can rely on your light
Your love brings you back
every morning.
Let this short stay in this body
be a worthwhile journey
in the discovery of truth.
There is a world of bliss.
There are other worlds.

I shall touch these worlds
sitting in the warmth of the sun.
There is true love and bliss.

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