Sunday, December 5, 2010

Invisible Walls by Peter Seidel

Peter Seidel, an architect by profession writes about the global problems we face now and how inadequate our politics, psychology, and management of the crisis is. He writes in detail the limitations as humans to face the ecological problems we have created. It is an excellent book and it can be a primer for people concerned about global problems that have their root in the activities of every one of us.
The danger of perpetual growth syndrome, over population, sprawling cities, global warming, misuse of democracy, manipulation of minds by advertising, ills of materialism and consumerism  are the main subject matter. Another important discussion in the book is  how non sense and temporary solutions are adopted instead of long term solutions for permanent change and also how as citizens we can be manipulated and our priorities are changed by constant advertisement of consumerism is explained in detail. As concerned citizens we have to keep ourself aware of politics without which the face of democracy will change completely unless protected
by informed citizens. Although a good read about the problems and our limitations to deal with them, the solution to the problems are hard to implement in a society completely overtaken by temporary gratification.
We need enlightened leaders who can be tough and steer the way to a better future and ideals for the society.

Highly recommended.


overpopulation Insights said...

The problem of course is we elect the leaders that represent us, that is the very essence of rampant consumerism and materialism. My fear is that it will take a truly catastrophic event to actually make a significant change in the way we approach such critical issues as overpopulation and ecological degradation.
Overpopulation Insights

Gade said...

You say" My fear is that it will take a truly catastrophic event to actually make a significant change..."

I feel the same of the blind sightedness of our leaders and people. Rapid changes happened after the second world war. Until the war experience people of all nations were passive to the suffering of Jews for example.

We need people to think on a long term and as more like minded people get together may be we can see some change quicker.