Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dead people

This world is full of dead people
when there is injustice happening
they let it happen.

they let the manipulator do their job.
How much suffering men has caused to other men.
Human being has no heart.
Even a tree is better than him.

He manipulates the facts for his desires,
troubles and corners weak people,
Destroys lives of all life forms.
He has no heart.

More worse are the dead people
than the manipulator,
they watch in silence the atrocities.

Dead people constantly afraid
all their lives about death.
Each moment they die
when they remain silent.

They keep their pent up anger
inside a box in the heart.
They fear their security.

They want to be neutral and safe.
Away from the struggle and strife
of a few who fight for the truth.
The dead people like to watch.

I sometimes wonder how man
can degrade so much!
His soul is dead under the pile of fear.
He is submissive to the evil.
He only thinks of his loved ones.
The dead man does not think
that the evil will strike him one day.
The evil has an eye on him;
The dead man is the last to go.

Sorrow is flowing like a river
and dead man is sleeping unaware.
deception and treachery are ever where.
Only a few fight and perish.
The rest of the dead people
have stitched their lips.

They collude with the evil sometimes.
They fear their lives.
They love their lives.
They want longer miserable lives.

Joy is far away from earth.
Dead man likes little gossips.
Talks behind others backs.
Has not the guts to say what he thinks.

I wonder why the world is so miserable
Me thinks, because the dead man
does not take a stand to speak the truth.

We all have to perish one day.
The dead perish miserable than others.
His life, a wasted opportunity.

Life is transient and temporary.
We fill the capsule of time with sorrow.
How can joy be the home of earth,
When the dead man does not aspire?
Sorrow and drama keep us going
like the poison in a wasp.
We sting ourselves to feel alive.

Death is at the exit door.
When children we are happy.
The manipulator takes us over
as we mature.
The heart has no power.
What we feel as the truth
we cannot speak or act.
Evil and manipulation triumphs.

The dead people do not want
to know the truth.
They want to live in their small world.
Their negligence will one day sting them.
They have pushed their soul
deeper into the deep voiceless.

Dead man , awake!!!
All of us live only for a short while.
Think of the next generation.
Are you going to leave earth
as horrible as you were born?
What is the purpose of your life?

Dead man! search for the truth,
Know who is doing evil and who good.
Learn to take sides with the good.
Save your soul!

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