Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stage 4 analysis..Time to short

Auto stocks like AZO, MNRO and stocks like Dollar tree( DLTR) and family dollar ( FDO) are declining from stage 3. This is the time to short the these stocks when they rise from the bottom to near the 30 day average.

Even restaurant industry like BJRI, CMG are declining.

I found a EFT for silver that was on a rally for 4 months, now at 138, AGQ. I need not short this stock because according Krugman, commodiities are in a rally because of more demand in international markets. So I should not short that stock. This ETF really rallied. I had no idea of ETF's rallying like this.

Very interesting. Have to see how it works. For a long time stocks were moving up in a rally. Now, they are declining.

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