Monday, August 1, 2011

No active trading from now for sometime

No active trading for some time. I made no money in july. It was lossing money month. So better to go long on AAPL.

Finding 1-2 dollar stocks that move 100 percent is rare looks like on Yahoo. It only happens once in a while.

I am completely into AAPL and it moves up 10 percent to around 440, i will get back to where I was. nothing to worry. This the best stock out there. it moved 20 percent last month. Should have noticed it when it breaked the equilibrium at 340. Any way going long, not trading day. Reducing trading costs. Its not worth it.

I realize that day trading is too time consuming and not worth it. It is better to buy at old way. Just sit on good stocks. Buy them when there is a correction and sit on it. the 10-20 percent on makes is better than making money and losing money game in day trading. 

Bye bye day trading

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Gade said...

I was right here about day trading.