Monday, December 28, 2009

Excerpts from Butter chicken in Ludhiana-- Punkaj Mishra

' You know what Nehru said? He said what is wrong with corruption if the money doesn't go out of the country. Now, people call Harshad Mehta a corrupt person. Why is he corrupt? Because he made a lot of money? But did the money go out of India? No, it stayed here. I think he is a genius. My son-he's doing MBA; he is very ambitioius- he says Harshad Mehta has inspired him. He says on thing. He says: Can other people make so much money in same time? I say even if he is corrupt, he is inspiring younger people.' pg 126

So, What is the national bird of Khalistan? they asked.
The answer was preceded by a fit of giggling. Then abruptly , he shouted : BUTTER CHICKEN !'

There was a little pause, and then his companions burst out laughing. They laughed helplessly; they pushed their chair back from the table to accommodate their shaking paunches; they clapped their hands and banged their fists hard on the table; later at night, they were retelling the joke to the hotel staff and still laughing. It obviously takes very little to makes some people happy. pg 235

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