Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pharmacy conversations

My friend Ramirez comes smiling and waving his hand. We are all smiles and he says, 'why do you look at me suspicious today'. I said, 'it was kinda of a surprise seeing you today'. It was 8 pm and no traffic in the store and I try to start a conversation if I find an acquaintance. I knew that he works long hours and I also knew that he works in health care and he helps taking care of disabled people. Other than that I never asked him what exactly his work was. Today, for some unknown reason I asked him that question. He started telling me that he helps disabled children with celebral palsy. I heard of it as a brain disease but did not know much about it until he told me that the children need to be given a fed, dress, cleaned,bathed and they are unable to do anything.

Ramirez said,'it is sad to see those children in that state, unfortunate.'
I said,' ya it is.' I told him if it must be problem for the parents to look after these children. He said, ' he takes care one third of the time when the parents are out for work or some other purpose and the rest of the two third is taken care of the parents. He goes with the parents to doctors visits also. He told me that they have to feed the children with the G-tube in the stomach because they cannot swallow food and they can choke.

At this moment I felt how lucky I am that everything in my body functions properly. Then Ramirez told me that the government funds for their doctor visits, maintainance, and almost everything. A nurse or educator visit these patients to teach them even though it is very hard to teach anything to them.

The most astonishing thing Ramirez told me is that these children are adopted by couples. How wonderful some couples are in this country. It is unbelievable. These people adopt sick children and help them all their lives even though they know it is such a difficult job and a lot of sacrifice. Some of these couples are retired but how generous and great hearted they should be to even think about it. These children were neglected by the original parents and were propably in health institutions but these great people opted to take care of them and people like Ramirez help these disabled people.

There is a wide spectrum of people in our society. Some go to the extremes to take care of the society and some go the other perverse extreme and think of only themselves and how to exploit the society for personal satisfaction.

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