Monday, July 26, 2010


I made some money on it and sold it at 13.6. I was pessimistic about the market going down and did not want to take a chance on IDT. My expections were true to some extent but the market turned around and when up to 10450 Dow from 9600. IDT did very well as i expected but did not take advantage of the situation. I am still holding stocks that will gain on a downturn. There will be fluctuations in the market for sure in the coming months and betting on volatility should not be a losing game.

The fact is that I should have kept shares of IDT just because of the tremendous volume. This stock was an exception in the bear market. It was hard to hold shares of it. But the facts should be interpreted in a right way.
This stock was highly bullish in the bear market which is an exception. I have to see how high this stock will go. I will just stand behind and observe.

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