Wednesday, July 7, 2010

timing a short sale is important

To get proper profits from short sale one has to wait for a good up market conditions. when the S&P or Dow jones goes up from the recent low and moves up to its 30 day average. Shorting at the wrong time can cost one 10-15% depending on the stock. the stock i shorted BEXP  moved 10 % against me. But I am still optimistic about the short sale because the problems in the economy are not over yet. There is a lot of bad news to come.

rational explanation to happening on stock market is just a stage show. The day to day changes on stock market movement cannot be explained by unemployment report or other minor reports. It can be explained by the speculation of major traders and their activity and the mood of the general investors.

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Gade said...

recent shorting in and out activity caused 300 loss but vxx is doing good. I am expecting it to go to 30 when i will get a profit of 1200. lets see. all depends on fear and less off.

another lesson i learnt is that BBW had low volume and when i shorted it the broker covered it because of some
requirements without asking me.
So always good to short stocks with bigger volume.

So lets see what happens to vxx in a couple of week to a month time....