Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AG technical analysis

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Made some money off this stock. I should have waited. Since the major sell off happened from 18.50 to 17.75. Within a span of  20 minutes when I went to take my dog for a walk. 

At some point one has to cover one's position. Not a bad job.  Stock market has great potential if done properly and following the rules and then having patience to realize one's knowledge. 

Good day for me. This stock may fall further but I lowered my bet and risk. I can do day trader with lesser amount if necessary. Since, I have learnt how to do day trading, it has become an asset. Do not have to hold when risk of holding overnight is high or unpredictable. 

Day trading is much better in such situation. 

Also made money by shorting URI and NOG by day trading. 

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