Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What do day traders do with volatile stocks

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On Google maps, when you use 30,2m moving average its basically a 2 month moving average for day trading, it is very helpful.

There was heavy selling at 12.30 pm. All the time the stock was below the moving average. If the stock is below it do not buy back shares in case you are shorting. I made that mistake today. Because other day traders short stock like these that are depressed by 
5-10 percent and make money and then cover the shorts at day end. This is when the stock goes down and the reverse is true for stock that go up. 

The lowest point was at 12.30 pm. Then the stock crossed the 2 month MA. This is the time to buy back shares and retain maximum profit. Also observe the high volume during that mid day time. Interesting.

When you see at stock depress and elevated by 5-10 percent, these are the stock for day trading safely and make a profit of 3 percent. If one is good at day trading and using moving average , then one can do this. One can hold stock long or short  for longer time with half the portfolio and for fun also do some day trading. 

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