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50 Inspiring Blogs Fighting for Endangered Species

Inspiring Sites Fighting for Endangered Species

These sites and blogs fight for, educate about, and feature loads of information on endangered species.
    1. National Geographic Blogs : These expert world travelers cover every corner of the Earth, including many never before seen places and animals. Click on one of the many blogs on travels, the environment, and even choices just for kids. Be sure not to miss the amazing photography.
    2. TED : With a tagline of “ideas worth spreading,” this site has grown into one of the most visited in the world. They also feature various tags for speeches, including for animals. Featured talks include subjects such as the Congo, deep oceans, poachers, and much more.
    3. Defenders of Wildlife : The DOW strives to protect both animals and plants in their natural communities. Visit to check out their blog with the latest happenings. You can also get information, resources, and more.
    4. News from the Animal Welfare Institute : Since its founding in 1951, the AWI has sought to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by people. One of their greatest areas of emphasis is cruel animal factories, which raise and slaughter pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals. Located in Washington, D.C., their blog features the latest news releases.
    5. IFAW’s Animal Rescue Blog : This blog is hosted by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Categories include everything from Africa to South America. Visit the main site with loads more.
    6. Animal Law Blog : This site features one practitioner’s observations and analysis of animal law news, litigation in the state of Illinois and around the country, criminal cases as time permits, as well as links to legislation and other animal law resources. Topics as broad as animal welfare to updates on Michael Vick are blogged on.
    7. The Current Mass Extinction : The website began in 1998 and has since collected tons of articles on endangered species. There are over 300 entries to choose from sources across the web. An article on mass extinction kicks off the site.

Inspiring Blogs Fighting for Endangered Species

The fight to protect and preserve endangered species is the subject of the below blogs.
    8. Extinction Countdown : John Platt is an expert blogger for Scientific American. In this blog, he shares news and research about endangered species from around the world. Updates on some of the best known, along with lesser known, animals and plants are shared regularly.
    9. Endangered Spaces Blog : This is a blog about the Earth and the steps that must be taken to become a force for positive change. Cyber Celt discusses many issues surrounding endangered species and spaces. The polar bear remains the favorite and there are many related entries.
    10. Forest Defender’s Blog : This blogger writes all about preserving the Humboldt Forest. Loads of pictures and entries are on the progress of the movement. There are also loads of related links.
    11. ESA Blawg : What laws are in place to protect endangered species? This law blog tells you all about them. They even link to many relevant court cases and laws.
    12. Stop Extinction Blog : The Endangered Species Coalition is a national network of hundreds of conservation, scientific, business, and community organizations working to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places. Visit the blog to learn about the latest events, updates, and policy moves.
    13. Animal Ethics : Get “philosophical discussion of the moral status of nonhuman animals” in this blog. Keith Burgess-Jackson often comments on endangered species related headlines. Veganism, cruelty to animals, and much more are featured.
    14. Of Humans and Non-Human Animals : This blogger believes that giving animals a fair deal is good for humans too. He explains why in detail in the blog. Entries are sparse but worth a read.
    15. Dateline Earth : This blog is part of the popular Seattle PI site. With a special section for endangered species, it is one of the many topics they blog about. You can also get loads of other environmental headlines.

Inspiring Blogs for Learning About Endangered Species

Get educated about animal and plant life with the help of these blogs.
    16. Animal Oddities : David Mizejewski is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. His goal is to inspire others to appreciate the wonders of nature. Check out his blog to learn about the rarest of animals such as the pink hippo, odd owls, and many more.
    17. Zoologger : Part of New Scientist, get a virtual zoo of life science here. Recent entries are on rare fish, horrifying insects, and much more. Be sure not to miss the videos with more.
    18. Animal Rights Information and News Resource Blog : The Group for the Education of Animal Related Issues is a non-profit educational group dedicated to assisting on animal rights-related issues, the environment, and human health. It is also a huge reference source for animal rights information. You can check out the blog to learn the latest on their updates.
    19. Animal Blog : This British blog features many items on animals including the latest headlines. You can also find links, art, career information, and more. Recent entries are on a secret abattoir and animal rescue.
    20. Animals in the News : Wendee Holtcamp has covered news about conservation, wildlife, and adventure travel for nearly 15 years. In her blog, she focuses on the latest animal related headlines. Latest entries are on cougars and even a wood-eating catfish.
    21. Gulf Oil Spill : Another blog from Animal Planet, learn how the gulf oil spill is affecting wildlife. News and first-hand accounts from the devastation and recovery efforts in the Gulf are featured. Links of interest are often shared.
    22. San Diego Zoo Blogs : One of the leading zoos in the world, visit their blog to learn all about the animals protected in their zoo. Categories are on apes, bears, elephants, pandas, polar bears, and more. You can also get news on the latest happenings at the zoo.
    23. Between the Species : Learn all about animals and endangered species the way the experts do here. This is an online journal for the study of philosophy and animals. Latest entries are entitled “Moral Agency in Mammalia” and “Animals in the Kingdom of Ends.”
    24. Hounded, Cowed, & Badgered : Learn the law from an animal rights perspective here. The blogger often features legal cases of animal and environmental interest. The latest is on an unfair trial for an activist.
    25. The Endangered Species Handbook : This free tool is provided by the Animal Welfare Institute. Simply enter the book to get chapters on vanishing species, forest, aquatic ecosystems, and more. There are also teacher’s aids and video.

Inspiring Science Blogs Fighting for Endangered Species

These science blogs and sites also have an entry or two regarding endangered species and other wildlife related entries.
    26. WWF : Although the only blog offered is on climate, the World Wildlife Fund is a must visit for anyone interested in fighting for endangered species. They have a whole library full of information on current endangered animals. Visitors can also view species by geographic location, get the science behind it, and learn more about climate.
    27. Science Daily : Updated several times a day, this science site features loads of headlines every day. There are also headlines especially for plants and animals and can include topics such as agriculture, food, ecology, and more. You can also get loads of other science related headlines.
    28. Scientific American : This magazine has been a leading source of scientific headlines for years. Now with tons of features on the web, animal science is a popular topic of headlines. The latest entries offer slideshows of under the sea animals and even flying fish.
    29. Life : The popular site New Scientist has a section just for the life sciences. Posts include subjects suc as rare animals and interviews with experts. There are also loads of other science related items.
    30. Mother Nature Network : This website’s tagline is “improve your world.” With a specific section for wilderness news and resources, they share just how in many ways. Popular articles include best places to survive an apocalypse and the most bizarre lakes.
    31. Science Blogs : With a blog on just about every science, Science Blogs is a leading site. Life science blogs are on various topics from viruses to humans. You can also get the latest on endangered species with a look.
    32. Discover : Get living world science from this leading website. Current hot topics include animals attacking, dinosaurs, primates, and much more. There are also loads of other science features on the site.
    33. Life : The award winning series on the Discovery Channel also has its own special section. You can go behind the scenes and even fun and games for kids. There is also much more on the main site.
    34. Science News : Life science is featured in detail on this science site. Topics include biology, botany, zoology, and others. There is even a section offering science news for kids.

Inspiring Environmental Blogs Fighting for Endangered Species

The below blogs fight for the Earth, along with endangered species.
    35. Treehugger : A top choice for environmentalists, Treehugger also has a special section for travel and nature. A recent entry was on endangered South African penguins. You can also find tons of other Earth-related items in health, business, design, and more.
    36. Living on Earth : Hosted by Steve Curwood, this is a weekly radio show. It focuses on life on Earth and has plenty of items on how human activity affects animals and the environment. Simply visit to listen to the current shows or archived ones.
    37. Dot Earth : Andrew Revkin writes for “The New York Times” on the expanding human population and its impact on the planet. Efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits are discussed. The issue of endangered species is also discussed.
    38. Nature : Environmental Graffiti is a popular environmental blog. In the Nature section, they feature popular stories that take place in the animal, plant, and natural world. You can also narrow by animals, conservation, and more.
    39. World Changing : “Change your thinking” with a visit to this environmental blog. A special section on the planet teaches how to restore and explore the Earth. Related subjects include emerging technologies, food, sustainable design, and purchasing green.
    40. Max Gladwell : Social media, geolocation, and green living are the focus of his blog. Popular posts include global warming, GM, and ten ways geolocation is changing the world.
    41. Environmental Capital : The business side of the environment is focused on in this popular blog from “The Wall Street Journal.” It provides daily news and analysis of the shifting energy and environmental landscape. Although new entries have stopped, you can still read loads of entries that are still relevant today.

Inspiring Specific Blogs Fighting for Endangered Species

These blogs focus on a particular endangered species.
    42. Bugging Out : Get an inside look at nature’s creepiest creatures by stopping here. Videos, blog entries, and more are all offered. Featured species include the ant, colonies, mosquitos, and more.
    43. Diary of a Koalawrangler : Samantha Carroll is one of 120 volunteers helping to care for sick and injured koalas at the Koala Hospital. Located in Port Macquarie, Australia, she is not a vet, scientist, or animal specialist — just someone who can’t imagine Australia without koalas in it. Visit to get pictures, videos, and much more on her favorite animal.
    44. The Elephant Sanctuary : Located in Tennessee, this sanctuary is the U.S.’s largest natural habitat developed specifically for endangered African and Asian elephants. With 2,700 acres available they hope to rescue 100 elephants. Visit to learn more about each.
    45. Rainforest Animals : Learn about all sorts of endangered species indigenous to the rain forest in this blog. Sections include poison dart frogs, pollution effects, and many others. You can also look up other specific animals and more.
    46. Equine Advocates : Their goal is to promote the humane and responsible treatment of horses. Choose from sections on rescue, sanctuary, and even education. They also feature more on the issues.
    47. Dancing Dolphin Journal : The Dancing Dolphin Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to interspecies communication with a special focus on the cetaceans. Although it recently wrapped up its blog, you can still read about their work with dolphins. They also feature links to loads of related sites.
    48. Eye of the Dolphin : Visit here for another blog devoted to dolphins. Many news items are focused on the species, and the latest entry is on Blood Dolphins.
    49. The Gombe Chimpanzee Blog : Founded in 1977, the Jane Goodall Institute continues Dr. Goodall’s pioneering research of chimpanzee behavior. The current bloggers are Gombe Stream Research Center Director Anna Mosser and research scientist Emily Wroblewski. Although the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, past entries are still worth a look.
    50. ASPCA : The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals focuses more on ethical treatment to domestic animals. However, their blog covers many areas of animal news. You can also get tons of related items on the main site.
Whether looking to save animals and plants locally or across the globe, there are tons of resources to be found in the above 50 inspiring blogs fighting for endangered species. They can also be educational, fun, and even used as a tool to find a new furry friend.

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