Monday, October 4, 2010

Climate change and population problems

We hear nowadays from news channels that once in a century flood has come or once in a century something else has come. Humans are increased exponential. The population was 3 billion 20-30 years back now it is more than 6 billion. And it is estimated that it can reach 8 billion another decade. Humans are inhabiting more and more dangerous places prone to floods unaware of future catastrophes. We cannot see things half a century from now. We erect cities ignorant of planetary science. We believe we have become prosperous and build great cities to one day be erased to dust in a couple of days in a great flood.

The recent flood in Pakistan is proof that water can wash great cities. We need to take this planetary science seriously. We are too concentrated on politics and business as usual. Great suffering will be due to humanity if we continue to neglect the science already available. We are building our own grave.

Climate change and grave warnings from top scientists, we are neglecting them for business as usual. We need to reduce fossil fuel and carbon emissions and also non carbon emissions that increase global warming.

We need to stop hurting our planet. More on it soon.

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