Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calls and Puts options

I am kinda excited to get into options. I wonder why I haven't got into it. All you have to know it trend analysis and pick and choose that are following a trend up or down. Thats how I do pick stocks. Anyway, the profit potential in calls when the trend is moving up is almost double than the rate of change of underlying stocks. One note, the loss potential is also high if one does not follow the trend and picks stocks randomly. One can be wiped out completely. But for the few how know who to stocks in trends or rally, calls can be great.
I am following "options for the beginner and beyond" by Edward Olmstead. Such a good book I bought. Very very useful. I would never think of options without this book. Some books in finance have changed my life. This is one of them.

One should know when to buy and when to exit. I got a call for nov 10, and the best the time to get out of an out of money call is atleast 3 weeks ahead of the expiry, or the best policy i follow is when the stock is far far away from the 30 day moving average, and is coming down from the top to the mean 30 day Moving average. That is when the call has maximum price and that is the time to exit, even before the 3 weeks before the call expires.

My experience with tread and rally analysis, will definitely help me in options. Lets see how this new chapter goes. If the underlying stock performs well the option also performs well, i mean up tread is call, down tread is put. I want to keep it simple for now although there are many other strategies.

I got 5 options of Isln for 0.85 for nov 10, let see what happens. I should have used the limit order and got the price for 0.80, anyway beginner faults.
any way I am expecting this stock to go from 25 to 27-28, although my option will be out of money, i have to get rid of the option as soon as the stock gets to 27-28 and book the profit on the higher point from the
30 day MA, this is a good strategy for near out of the money option.
If one is certain that rally is upwards, then near out of the money option can give a lot of profit. More than the near with in the money option. In the money option is safer, but near out of the money is  better good too if one know exactly when to exit from it. One should never hold the option till it expires.

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