Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr

Before I read this book, Marting Luther King Jr  for me,  was a great person from hearsay, but after reading this book I am determined to say that he was the one of the greatest prophets of non-violence and tolerance. He has a strong logic for being non-violent and his life and his achievements are a proof of the success of non-violence. He is heavily influence by Mahatma Gandhi but also influence by Reinhold Niebuhr. Violence is the last option and the not first one to tackle the oppressor and Martin is practical in espousing non-violence when the minority is fighingt a massive and strong armed majority. He makes a rational and logical argument that non-violence in such a situation only causes greater suffering for everybody. King knew very well that the rights of the oppressed minority are not going to come without struggle. This is where a great leader like Martin King can make a difference. A great leader can channel the frustration, shame and disappointment of the oppressed people in a creative way so that results can come with the minimum destruction to them. When riots happen it is not the majority whose loss is more, but the oppressed who will be destroyed further.

The book and the lectures are prophetic. I would include the book in one of the best reads of my life. The suffering, the patience and endurance to bear it and the courage to fight the majority that are determined to crush the movement are amazing.

Only scarcely do we find a good book that worth our time and that which enriches our life emotionally and intellectually at once and I would categorize this as one of them.

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