Sunday, October 3, 2010

krishna rap


[Singer: Ram K.]
Devaki Nandana, Radha Madhava 
Brindavana Vanamali
Krishna Mohana, Madhava Kesava
Madhusudana Vanamali

[Verse 1: Vivek R]

Ayyo, My soul is yearning, to 'scape this pain that is burning
calling Krishna's grace when I wake up in the morning
singing maha mantra just to rid me of my karma
asking father whether I've fulfilled my own dharma
but Kali Yuga avataram's coming, no escape from
or stopping the sinning, so I can't run away from
theres always a time you think of ending your life
You try to find a new life so you sing to the night
its a lone song spoken to God and thats peaceful
does Krishna care enough, give hope to these people?
but your faith's getting tested, you wonder if He's there
are my prayers getting answered, does he even care?
and you start to despair, I see the stressing in the air
but there'll never be a time where we're never to exist
its a cycle of death, this mortal body dismissed
Man is made by belief. He believes, so he is, this is

[Singer: Ram K.]
Devaki Nandana, Radha Madhava 
Brindavana Vanamali
Krishna Mohana, Madhava Kesava
Madhusudana Vanamali
Padma Hastham, Padma Nabham, Para Bramham Paramam
Kamala Nayanam, Kamala Natham, Hare
Krishnam Krishnam

Krishna Nee Begane Baro

[Verse 2: Ram K.]

Five thousand years back, in the kurukshetra
Krishna , you laid the path to liberation.
Never submit to the maya of the senses
A pure existence is in Krishna consciousness.
Nineteen years passed, and Im wondering
Wondering about this world that Im living in.
Paramatma, show me the way to moksha
And cleanse me from my misgivings and actions.
I pray to you, with the highest devotion
The strongest emotion, without hesitation.
Vasudeva, where ever you are
Listen to my prayers and please answer my call. 
Cuz Im on a search for the Ultimate Truth
And my guider is you, the only Absolute Truth. 

[Singer: Ram K]

[Verse 3: Vivek R]

They say theres something between this sacred silence and bliss
so you burn away my body just my soul exists
but we're puppets on strings playing material things
being born as a beggar, the next day as a king
O king of dharma Krishna only you know good action
Karma biting my back this is actions reaction
but living on this earth I finding it lacking compassion
and evil factions wage war, quick to killing and action
crusaders from the past replaced by modern invaders
terrorists and cowards hide in caves and they hate us
you really think God's fine with killing and suicide
mixed up in a melting pot, our paths to collide
Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and Jews
theres more in this life than what differ in views, 
so let us sing for our God and in this rap that I wrote
Let's praise his all til we drop, just his name from our throats, CMON

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