Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dream of a Daughter

I dream of a daughter
whom I could see
growing up from a sweet child
to a beautiful women
teach her to be a good women
share with her my sorrows
she would be my real mother
take my raving head into her soothing
 hands and calm my fears.

I see women lost in external beauty
slave to societal demands.
My daughter would be independent,
My daughter would be kind at heart
and enlightened in being.
She understands that however beautiful
external life is not everything.

I would feel happy talking to her all the time.
I see the face of the divine in her.
When a women, she would care for all children.
She would not fear knowledge
of the inner being.
Often, women fear other worldly treasures.

We would go on long walks
I will talk to her about the stars
gods,trees and animals.
teach her to be brave.

She would love her father
like nothing else in this world.
I would kiss her before going to bed.

I would tell her stories of conscience
Never to sell the soul to the devil
lust after money, fame or power.
Always use her abilities
with compassion and conscience.

When she is old enough
show her how to silence the mind
Get rid of the perturbing desires
Be in peace with oneself.

She would be the only one
who would understand me.

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