Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thoughts on Earth sustainability

Needless to say that we are living in a time of human civilization where there are massive problems to solve in the coming half a century. It makes me worried if we are competent enough to solve them. What can an average Joe like me do? At this moment I would say that one has to understand the problems and what intelligent people are debating about, to solve energy crisis in the world. There seems to be abundance of information out there. We need to learn to ask the right questions and also find sustainable solutions to long term problems.

There seems to be a crisis at every level. There is a crisis in food production and agriculture where the salination of lands and use of pesticides caused the pollution of water and land at the same time over many decades now. Though, this kind of massive mono culture farming has helped us to increase the population on earth, we have no guarantee that this kind of farming can keep up with our needs forever. Humans have not yet seen failure of agriculture on a massive scale. We have not respected our
resources from nature. We have been abusing them from a long time now.

I want to list some of the major problems we are facing now due to population and culture of consumerism-
1. Global warming due to our dependency on oil
2. Mono culture agriculture
3. Pollution of our waters
4. Extinction of fishes, vertebrates and other animal species.

It is absurd that humans are not even having a rational discussion on how long our population pressure  can be sustainable. Now that the developing countries like China, India, Brazil and Mexico are in the process of following the same ecological destructive western example, unless new innovations in energy production come along there is little hope for the future.

It took us a century to get more understanding within our own race. We had colonialism, militancy, racism and civil rights to overcome. There were world wars where many millions have lost their lives.
The rise of corporate culture and power and collusion with politics for fulfilling self interests are on the rise. Not that we have completely solved within our selves, we now have to deal with another order of problems that we have never expected. We thought that all the natural resources are infinite and we could exploit them forever. But as the population and its demands have increased many folds within a short amount of time that is not true anymore. Now the problem is that if we continue the 'business as usual' way of life we may severely put many humans or even the race to great danger.

Humans can be very obstinate to change. Why should someone driving an SUV and having a party life give up for some distant Global warming problem? The only solution is that we need to see and love and give the next generation an opportunity to have a happy life. If we deplete and pollute all the resources of Earth, what will the coming generations live off?

All the animals on earth had a predator to control their populations, but man has none. He is leaving massive footprints on earth. Technology and green revolution are the primary reasons that we have populated incredibly. Not that I do not like human beings, but even Earth can only take so much, and what about the rest of the animals and destruction of their habitats due to mind less real estate frenzy.

We are logging forests in Brazil and other natural forest for real estate development in our cities.

Problem of boredom

Millions of people are now stuck in front of their computers and chatting on websites like facebook.  As we get more connected online and we are disconnected with our local community and  nature. Our relations online are superficial and virtual. Our relationship in reality are shallow.

We do not want to think anymore about serious issues concerning us. Where is the time one may ask after doing the 40 hr job and taking care of the family? I agree we do not have time now to have any intelligent discussion. All the non sense in the television fills our boring life with some irony.
We watch people dying in other countries and still not be affected and carry on our normal lives.

No one lives here forever. We need to give the best we can for the next generation before we leave this planet. I hope we muster courage to fight the greed and senseless of our age and turn our attention to the real problems and save our planet. We need to stop populating and putting pressure on environment any more.

Man is beset with problems within where he cannot find any certain happiness on a day to day life. Man is groping and searching for happiness which is a rare commodity. We get bored sitting alone. We need company. With company comes problems of sharing and selfishness. On one hand we cannot spend time alone and on the other hand we have problems living with other people. What a terrible fate? We have our moments of laughing and caring but there is always a hole, a void that need to be filled with happiness from within. To fill this inner void we try to replace it with outer life interactions.
This void within brings disturbances in our relationships in our outer life. We wonder why we get into problems albeit our good intension.

We need to fill this inner void with self happiness. We need to connect with our inner self. We need to spend time in silence and let the worrying mind rest in peace. I believe that not doing anything is better than destroying our surroundings. In our frustration we injure animals, plants and humans.
We do not care, because we are unhappy. Unhappy humans want to fill their inner void with money, consumerism, sex, drugs etc. We need to build a culture where happiness and filling void within should be an important priority.

Our fit with nationalistic tribalism must to give way for universal brotherhood. The problems we face now are not because of repression of the peoples of the democracy but the other way round. The people have taken their rights for granted and are addicted to this consumerism. We are happy with this way of life. We do not like anybody telling us that this way of life is unsustainable and the oil addiction is going to eventually make life miserable.

Although none of this original thought, I feel if we could organize and make things happen and bring some happiness into our lives, then we have achieved something. Where better to start than with our friends.

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