Thursday, November 25, 2010

Soul searching

Repetition is a normal behavior  and way of learning. But when it becomes excessive the creative aspect of us becomes latent. We are so used to talking the same old things that we do not realize that we repeat ourselves everyday. To repeat ourselves and taking pleasure in known things we can built a walls around ourselves. Many adults spent years and years not learning new things. Our mind is occupied with politics, money and usual drama of life. Not that there is anything wrong is talking about politics and money but all the time about it is setting limits to what can be achievable in a life.

When we were children we were learning several new things everyday. Now we are scared of asking questions. Our boundaries are set by the society we live in. Who can set boundaries for our imaginations of the mind and aspirations of the soul? There are too many unknowables in life like what is the purpose of human life in this vast universe? Nature has developed man for a purpose we do not understand.

We need intense soul searching to understand our actions in life. Everyday I meet people who act as stereo types. People want to imitate their role models in life. Even small things like hair style and the way they dress, they want to imitate models. The way our physical body looks is of great importance for us. It is especially true for female sex because their bodies are in demand in the society. They want to look pretty from the outside. This is our first limitation, the identity with the body.
How much time people talk and waste on this identity with the body? Although we do not have any control on our aging process, we worry about changing body. All our news papers are full of news about who is growing richer, petty politics and advertisements for pursuit of happiness through material wealth.

Now humans are more than 6 billions on earth. That is a big number considering how many humans were living even two centuries back. I some times question the theory of reincarnation adopted to physical evolution of body? Where did the 6 billion souls come from? Of course God is infinite according to the theory and also can make infinite souls. The point is we have accepted a graded evolution of soul from animal to man. Not literally make souls,but He is One with the souls in manifestation and also when not manifest. There could also some jumps in souls from an animal to human. But who come we have 6 billion in number now. Looks like souls are  manifested if there is a bodies ready on earth to be born or there could be many many souls waiting to manifest on earth to get the experience of earth.

Also thinking about how matter and energy are interchangeable at quantum level, matter can vanish into energy and vise versa. On the macroscopic level, there are millions of galaxies far out in space.
One may ask why do we need to know about the range of activities in nature? From the subatomic level to the formation of galaxies? Why not worry about our life only?

Our daily lives are bombarded with information about human activities. Some people are after power, some after happiness in the form of sex, money, etc. But it is hard to find a person who is powerful and also self happy at the same time. To be happy or powerful man is dependent on others and hence the history of suffering. There is no harmony of beauty,knowledge, power and happiness in man. If one has one quality we lack the others. We try to search for what is lacking in outer life but suffering comes in return. Suffering comes because we have the wrong knowledge of the matter in question. We have not studied the nature of our desire. There are infinite number of activities going on  at any moment in nature.

What if we are all the same. What if I see myself in you. Your desires and wants become mine. Even from a scientific point of view and the perspective of the body, we are made of cells. And genetics
makes us look different from each other on the surface, but the basic mechanism of how the cells and organ work is the same in all of us. When we watch each other our attention and knowledge is only of the surface body appearance. But in case we can see the muscles, bones and the organs at the same time along with the surface appearance our actions in life would be very different.

From the perspective of the mind too we all have similar reactions and thinking patterns. All our reactions are represented in our language we use to communicate. Since we mostly have similar reactions we can all communicate them in the same language. So the mind creates the main difference in all of us. It is here that we can either build walls or break them and see ourselves in others. Mind is the seeker of knowledge and there is the vital or life force, which is a seeker of power and happiness.

The unresolved problems of one generation of humans is passed to the next. Now the problems are compounded many times. Every unhappy human being causes negative effect on the environment he lives in. It is reflected in the reaction to daily happenings in life. Our appetites to consume more resources in nature has grown exponentially with the innovation of technology. Just any other power, technology is a double edged knife. If you do not know how to use it, it can destroy you.

Now the power has come to humans before the wisdom to handle it. With this kind of power, we can destroy ourselves rapidly. The way we are doing business, we many not survive another century with this kind of population. There are simply not enough resources on earth. I mean the resources like oil which we are using indiscriminately.

As I sit in my room alone, I think about this question. Is the way of life we lead has something to do with how everything on earth is being destroyed. Our life as usual, the news, the political skirmishes,
our identity with body that is temporary, the desire for happiness, our daily chat with wifes, husbands, children, friends and enemies. Is there something there that can be related to way things are happening in the world?

It is hard for us to sit alone. We are used to constant bombardment of information. As we spend time on all this business as usual, the treat to our survival as a species has become real. We are searching answers to our problems of unhappiness in more power and technology. We have mastered some of the powers of matter but we do not have the wisdom to handle it without harming ourselves. Since we are accustomed to searching answers outside ourselves we meet several people daily to resolve the problem. But everybody is looking to solve the problem of unhappiness in more economic efficiency, technology and consuming more resources of nature.

Will the power give us happiness and satisfaction in life? We have seen in history that one group of people wanting to subjugate others as an honor of power. Our desire to be powerful give a new meaning to our life. In this life where society has not figured out how happiness can be experienced
many individuals find purpose in dominating power. Not in oneness with others but in subjugation of others. When there is ignorance in society, the citizens too choose many paths of ignorance to find purpose in life. Some of these paths could be self destructive or destructive to the society. But this intelligent being, man, who has limited power, knowledge and desire wants to find purpose in life.
A lot of people find a limited purpose in love and taking care of their respective families.

But by now, we should have already gotten over our identification of body problem and opened our love to not only our genetic family but all the people and animals and plants in this world. The dangers that we face now cannot be solved with technology alone. Our identity has to change. We have to find
a deeper unity with beings in the world. How can we get it when the knowledge of the spiritual unity is been relegated to the last benches of the class? It is on the last in the list of our priorities.

As I see it, humans are not going to change any sooner. The states and governments are too feeble to take any action until the death siren rings loud in our ears. But things could be out of control already.
It is hard to restore a natural calamity that is edging to the precipice in a short time. Global warming is one such thing. Everyday I hear new species of animals and plants going on the verge of extinction.
No one seems to be worried. Business as usual. Kill millions of turkey for thankgiving and billions of chickens and cows in factory poultry.

There are many prominent scientists who are saying that we may face many grave challenges in the future. Our way of life and pursuit of happiness in consuming more resources will come to an end.
The new future society that will come out of the soul searching and tremendous problems will have more respect for nature.

If nature has made us, there should be some way of also saving us as a species. As we species we do not need any more quantity. We need more intelligent humans. Since for humans family has become the predominant social group it has become a norm to have children. It is a great ill that humans cannot adopt other children as their own. It is sad that when thousands and thousand of children are without food and shelter, we want to make babies who look like us. We are not able to accept and take care of others children. We do not mind watching them beg on the streets. What a deplorable, pathetic, ignorant situation we are in.

But these limitations and ignorance will come at a cost. Nature will put pressure on us to change and learn to take care of nature and animals. That time is coming near. Our rules and norms will change only with tremendous suffering. To overcome such suffering we need people who are more intelligent and show the path in the new direction. Let us prepare for the day when the need will come.

Anyway, the point is that we have to learn things out of the box. We need to be happy. The mind is alway blaming others for our sorrows. We need to teach our mind the truth. Happiness is beyond the mind. It cannot come to the groping and restive mind. It can come only to the silent and peaceful mind.
To understand this needs soul searching and understanding the nature of our mind and suffering.
If there is a God, we should be able to experience him. Otherwise it is irrelevant to us. How can you believe in a God that you cannot communicate? There should be something inside us that is linked to God. And in case we have a spiritual connection, there is something in us that is hiding it. Our spiritual identity is hidden. All false identities bring suffering and real true identity can only make us satisfied.

If satisfaction cannot be found within us, there is no hope for human being. There will be perpetual wars and destruction in the pursuit of power and happiness. That can only be the logical conclusion.
But the harmony of power, happiness, knowledge and beauty can only come within. There should be a hidden tunnel, a link to the infinite power, bliss and knowledge that we call God, and us.

Is there any way humans can turn to that power instead of external power and technology to solve our
perpetual exponential consuming appetites for happiness? For that to happen a complete change our priorities has to happen. Nature has always creatively destroyed itself to create new things. We humans think we are clever enough not to destroy ourselves to change, but we are not advanced enough. The animal tendencies of selfishness has not been overcome.

Since humans are not able to change their destructive mode, Nature has to do its creative destruction to make humans understand the purpose of future man and nature.

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