Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bhopal tragedy

It took 2 decades for the government to propose to clean up the mess. Was it such a difficult solution to arrive at? Why has not the government cleaned it mess up earlier? why did it have to wait so long and have to wait till they win the court case again Union Carbide and seek the money. Why can't the government clean up with tax payers money earlier? One feels the Supreme court has been grossly negligent in this case. Every level in India has become apathetic. But at the same time there is some awakening because of news channels and news papers now.

Awaken India! You have been denied justice from a long long time. Journalism is awakening and with it also the civil rights movement. People  have been suppressed and the poor have suffered the burden of the land with closed fists and mouth. I am just disgusted even of thinking of the slums and how the people live over there.
I am lucky, I got a considerable good background and got educated. And the unlucky get no help.

All we need is efficient spending of tax money that mean good institutions that are uncorruptable. Political change is necessary. Without political change there can be no other change. All the money is thrown into a deep pit. All cosmetic solutions cannot solve this problem.

Three thousand dead instantly and many more with disease and no action by the government. Compared to this the recent shooting by terrorists was nothing. Where is the culprit ? Leave the culprit, not even the
dangerous chemicals were cleaned from the area after 2 decades. I am glad because of massive reporting and debates, at least now the government is taking up some responsibility. Shame on Indian people and patriotism. Our patriotism is high pitched when we talk of pakistan and when it comes to incidents like this we push it under the carpet as if this incident never happened. Lets edit the history, such incidents bear no justice. Poor have to die in this cruel country. Let us spare all the gossip for pakistan and kashmir.

Our political motives are hallow and impotent. No matter which party is in power, unless there is a call and demand from the news media, this sick democracy cannot hear the call of the dying.

One has to scream and scream and scream and only after a long pause of 2 decade that some answer came back.

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