Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blunder with BKS

the early morning 5 percent rise was because of the covering of the short sale. that was a good time to get rid of all the stocks but I did not. I just missed unfortunately.

I cannot understand when i will start following rules. I was literally screwed in this stock. I made all mistakes with this stock that need to be avoided. I bought a declining stock thinking that the stock will not go below its 52 week low of 16. Then when the stock fell 20 percent i tried to average it down, then now i got of the stock at a major loss. I should have got out of the stock at 14.50 instead i bought more. Now the stock looks like its going down even further and I sold everything off for a loss.

there are 3 stock that I have been making mistakes on 1. VZ 2. DPZ 3. BKS. I have been playing the wrong game with these stocks. Instead IDT, the stock that has very very high volume, i have been neglecting. Today it is up again 6 percent. Investors have dived into this stock with the highest volume ever on this stock. This is the stock to take a risk on. Not Bks or dpz or vz , stock that are declining. I needed to short those stocks long back. What a  fool i am. There is no end to this foolery. Feel like a idiot. Follow the rules. There are no exceptions. I was trying to get around it . sometimes one may make it but not always. Most of the time its a loss. One has to learn to get out of the market or short the market when conditions are not good. Do not average down or buy cyclical stocks with dividend yeilds. Just keep cash. Learn to keep cash and invest in stocks like IDT. 
I promise my self that I will never again by a stock that is declining or below its 30 day moving average. 

what should i do now. Should i get idt? may be i should what at what price. Will there be a pull back on this stock and what about market conditions?

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