Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got lucky with IDT and covered losses

Wow! it was miraculous. Got lucky with IDT there. Got into the frenzy at 12. 45  got out at 13.62 with 600 profit. I covered my losses in BKS.

I learnt a lesson and will never repeat it again. Not to buy any stocks below their 30 MA. Time to short the markets now.

Stocks to short are Netflix, CMG and many others that are diving.

I did a good thing getting out of BKS or I would be ruined. Never average down again. This is a less to learn. When people are selling , the stock keep going down. That stock would have been a solid stock to short. Not to purchase it for what ever reason like dividends. Dividends can be suspended anytime.

I am hoping the IDT will fall tomorrow. I can enter the stock but the market conditions are horrible. I can enter a considerable position into it.

I should have put some money in Scottrade. Share builder is not letting me short stocks.

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