Monday, June 7, 2010

Thoughts on Death and construction of new society

All our plans, desires and aspirations for ourselves and others come to an end with the death of the body. Death is like a dead end to the long road of twists and turns, ditches and smooth rides.  We live for a certain amount of time on earth and we do not know what happens to us after the death of the body, unless we have knowledge of any other worlds other than our earth. Our short life for us is the most important experience. No one wants to be unhappy and no one aspires and plans to be unhappy. From where does this drive come from to be happy?

We want to maximize our enjoyment as much as we can during the limited time on earth. Each being that is alive including trees, insects, animals and humans have a power that they can exercise on each other. Man is an exception. He is the most advanced being who has a power to will and scheme independent of external natures complete control. Each being exercises its power according to the knowledge and power it has and tries to experience happiness by repetition of the act of happiness in the limited time on earth.

One the level of the society, the independent acts of individuals when they interact on each other become complex motives and ideologies. There is a drive to exercise to wield power of one group of people over the other. Politics in the real sense must bring equality, justice and a sense of order in the society. But politics is always a fight of one set of people against the other. There are people who want to come to power only to
control the society and experience the power slot. They do not care about justice and for the good of the society. These are the people who do not see death in its eyes. As long as they have power in their hands
they use it for self-aggrandizement and vanity. Death is waiting and it is inevitable. It is a folly that the human being when exercising his powers in life forgets that he is completely dependent on the body, to exercise his will and enjoy the power position. With the death of the body all his plans end. It is a hilarious end to mans hubris and ego.

We set our life around the unpredictable death. Death is like a step brother/sister we did not meet yet. Though we have a faint knowledge of it from hearsay we have never met it with our own eyes. It is powerful enemy we do not want to meet and accept its victory. Death is fear and the antonym of our happiness;death ends all our plans of everlasting happiness. Body is a like a used car that get more and more repairs as it get older. Eventually it is exhausted. Who is the person who drives this body?

It is hard to change the rules of the game on earth. To bring justice to an unjust society is a slow process. One needs to educate the people first about the importance of justice. One has to change things from bottom up. Any kind of lasting change can only come from bottom up. A few good people at the top can bring opportunities for the rest but they cannot change the whole set of rules of the game on earth. Every being has to learn to exercise their powers for the good of the society.  Education is a great tool that makes people aware of their power to change themselves and the society.

Once certain lousy rules start to take over a competent society, the society become corrupt and  nonchalant. It is hard to change such a society. Though individuals live for a short time period, the corrupt practices and mentality remains on earth. They do not die with the individual. People with powerful positions, those who are wealthy leave their power to others(family and friends). There is an uneven distribution of power within certain families on the society even though members of those families decease. They are the ones who control and decide the fate of the society. If these privileged people are good natured, something good happens to the society, but it seldom happens. The rich usually never step into the shoes of the poor. There is limited time and we have only one life. We do not want to experience the pain of hunger or any of the poor mans ills.

What is out of sight is out of our mind.We are always experiencing our own life separate from others. Our thoughts and desires drive us all the times. We can only love our family, because they are within the loci of our mind and body. Others who do not live in our house are strangers. We somehow cannot love them as our family. We want to leave the best things for our family and friends after our death as if they are going to live on earth forever. We have a complete misunderstanding of death. Death does not come to everybody at once. It consumes each at a different time.Each wants to leave the powers one acquires on earth before death to people who are like minded. We want to give the powers to the ones who think like us or who are genetically related to us. We cannot see the rest of the society. We can only see what our eyes show us. We are limited by our senses.

Unless power relationships change and power concentration is dispersed there is little hope for any positive  change in the society. Democracy allows such a change to some extent. We can elect nominees who are prudent and have a will to change the society. Human nature the way it is does not want to leave power slots once it gets the taste of manipulating power. It is ready to sacrifice wealth, time, morality in return for everlasting power. To be powerful among fellow humans boasts the ego. Probably it also gives happiness.
But elected officials who do not care about the state of the people are stalemating progress and better conditions on earth. They are wasting resources that should be used for the welfare of the people.

Even if within sight and within mind, we do not care unless some one is in our love zone. And the love zone is usually our primarily family and secondarily friends. This is the human limitation that hinders growth of the society. How does one care for everybody just like our family? How is it possible? Is it related to the knowledge of death of body and the liberation of consciousness from the epicenter of the body? Yes, indeed if our sense of identity becomes detached from the body and identifies with the consciousness, we no more include our family in the love zone but every conscious being on earth. Of course, we  have to follow a different set of rules for expediency for different levels of conscious beings, still our love zone has significantly
increased and cares for the society.

In the absence of any fundamental change in our identity, human being remains aloof from others suffering. It is up to certain enlightened and caring citizens to lead the troublesome path of establishing dharma and replacing the old, corrupt anachronisms. Every one has to die. The sinner and the saint dies. The only way to have
lasting change on society is to build institutions that can deliver proper functioning of the society. Some individuals together can build good institutions to do the same. The next generation has to keep up to the promise of the original intentions and make progress accordingly.Therefore knowing our limitations and the truth about death and the ultimate good of the society, we should act for lasting peace, prosperity and healthy functioning of the society.

The people in power slots like the politicians often want their family to escape suffering and like to send them abroad to foreign countries where they can enjoy the hoarded illegal wealth. The soul becomes corrupt and lives in a fairy land devoid of death. Man becomes a megalomaniac and boasts his powers even though death is waiting for him near his doorsteps. This is the state of affairs especially in developing countries that have lax rules and generally corrupt. One generation of corruption leaves another generation of corrupt. Although individuals die their legacy of corrupt behavior does not. The next generation of greedy and self centered people happily fill the slots. It is usually the members of the same family who have a privileged power advantage. These are the people who own large resources in the society. They own large areas of land, wealth and many factories that are necessary for the general functioning of the society. So, it becomes very difficult even in democracy for a good intentioned person to become a elected member of the society without
resources to fight the privileged members of society.

Power changes a man. Power makes a man have great control over other men. And for a soul that is ignorant about the truth of the body, it uses its privileged power to satisfy its desires on earth for happiness. It tries to trespass moral rules of conduct to satisfy its body pleasures. It becomes self --centered and the love zone constricts to oneself.  When this condition is wide spread in the society and the knowledge of happiness, there cannot be any lasting change in the society. No wonder people are corrupt because they care ignorant about
 what really can give lasting happiness. When a man taste a little power, he spends all his time thinking about how to exercise that minuscule power for his satisfaction rather than doing good justice of the society. Every one has to act and we act according to our knowledge of ourselves and the society. Since every human being
has certain power, wrong knowledge about our identity and purpose can disrupt the good functioning of the society.

People who realize and care for the society need to change their identity from our body, our family and our near and dear and enlarge our vision and bring every one into our care and love zone. One has to always think our existence on earth as temporary and act for building lasting good on earth. There is too much sickness, suffering and hopelessness. We need to be the beacon amidst darkness. Education of the youth is a great tool to care for the next generation and conditions on earth. Not the education to exploit and plunder the resources of earth but to care for it. We need an education that teaches us how to care our mother Earth.
We need an education to use our power for creating happiness on earth. We need an education that teaches us to protect ourselves from adverse attacks from ignorant and self-centered people. We need an education to be heroes and be a saving grace for the future.

We need an education that is diverse and multidimensional.  A large set of the youth in India are encouraged to get into engineering. Most of them do not have any idea why they are doing it. All they will get trained to operate some machines and earn a modest living. But this will not change the conditions of our corrupt society. Our youth is misled and they are diverted away from becoming active players in changing the power structure of the society. The power still lies with a few powerful families. Most of the youth does not know anything about economics( knowledge of power of wealth) or the politics (knowledge of power of  managing human resources). Hence, we end up being operators of machines and living a shameful life under corrupt
and meaningless hegemony. Unless we learn the skills of power manipulation there is no way the society can change. The wealthy families teach their children the skills of wealth management , so do the political families about politics but a large section of the youth has no idea of the importance of politics or of economics in their lives. This is a disaster for the democratic society where eventually power needs to be distributed from a few hands for justice to prevail. This has not been happening in India and also in developing countries.

Public money is deliberately diverted from education and processes the bring power sharing into the wallets of few corrupt families. There is a fear among the powerful that education of the masses may eventually lead to their peril and to their position in the society. Man fears the loss of power. He can do anything to stop that from happening. He hoards the money illegally for his family and love zone. Not being educated the youth has become handicapped. It is as if only a quarter of their brain is functioning. As the powerful few steal our tax money we have no idea what they are doing in front of us. We even sometimes encourage them to do so since we have no knowledge of the power play. We are manipulated, cheated and rendered useless and impotent. We are have become impotent organs of our society. The few privileged make all the decisions for us. Even though some of us may have a faint idea of the widespread cheating we lack the knowledge to fight it.

We celebrate and cheer within our love zone and societal impotence. This is our life.  Democracy is a sham in a society where power remains in a few privileged families and bars intelligent people from making choices for the society. Moreover, the elected representatives who are supposed to take care of us forget their responsibilities and thirst after more power or keeping their secure power positions. Though we apparently have a choice to elect and dethrone representatives, the choice is an illusion in a widely corrupt society. The choices given to us are commensurately corrupt. It is time to stand up and contest when the choices given to you are worse then yourself.

One example to discourage this transfer of wealth form one generation to another is to have estate tax, so that some part of the property goes to the state treasury. Usually such laws have loop holes and people in power know how to go around rules. That is what they learn from their heirs to learn to skip taxes and to never share power with others. They transfer stolen money to foreign countries that do not tax. A large amount of time and resources are put to doing illegal activities in these powerful families. What a waste of life? But then it shows results. On the other hand the engineer or the civil servant gets his taxes cut from his pay check directly without his will or participation in decision making.

 We need to empower our citizens with knowledge about ourselves and eventual death of the body. We have to shift our identity from the body to a higher level of mutual caring. A deep commitment among men has to arise for the lasting good of the society. A commitment to leave a legacy of happiness on earth after the death of this body. For this to happen man has to find within himself a greater source of happiness. We need to fight for establishing rules so that a greater power sharing becomes possible. More and more people need to
know about the ill effects of power with the privileged few. We need to become active participants in the working of the society, not impotent but masters of our destiny. We need to work on that all our life so that the next generation of youth can have the advantages we never had. Only then will there be happiness and justice on earth. A single individual cannot do anything but a cohesion of good intentioned individuals can bring a lasting change.


Sundeep said...

Wow! This is beautiful, man. A very important set of issues and insights. I am inspired by your thoughts and words.

Gade said...


I got all out of me..ahahha. Happiness, happiness, where is it?

I recently heard of a story where a king comes to a yogi in the forest and the yogi suggests that unless is the king is happy from within he cannot maintain and deliver justice in the society. Power makes a man fear losing it. That has to be countered by moral and spiritual education and ability of experiencing happiness independent of the body. It is very critical.