Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Market is slumping again

Starting May, 2010 market has been slumping. It was time to short the market when it crossed the 30 day average on the S&P. It was a missed opportunity. It needs a lot of skill to do the right thing at the right time.  I am just out of this market for now. My profit of 1500 dollars has been wiped out in the last month and I am out with no loss or gain. As usual, one has to follow the rules of the game. Never, I repeat never buy when there is no high volume or when the stock is below its 30 day average. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Though I was out of the market and sold out all my position in  profit, I got into VZ hoping that it will not go down and it is a  very stable company at 28.13. I also gives a nice divident of 6. 7 %. but the problem is I invested everything into it. I also used my margin money. when I market is bear, what is the purpose of using margin money? It is actually stupid to do that. Anyway, people get crazy sometimes. ahahhahah

So right now I am in almost no loss no gain situation. I sold out everything and I am out. I cashed out and will get the check soon. It is hard to earn 7K. There was I time when I had to pay 7 K to the credit cards and it was a hell of a time ,trying to pay it off completely. I will just keep the money in saving account or send it to India. 
Now is definately not the time to invest in stock market. The rally has subsided. There is no confidence in the market. All the sectors are down. Get out and be in a safe position. Do not shoot until you are sure of the enemy or the enemy will find you. shooting is like buying and selling stock. Only bullets will be wasted. No results.

Also I learned to use PUTS to short the market. That is definitely the better way to do it. Good buy market for a couple of months atleast till i see the bullish indicators in some segment. 
Its very hard to be consistent and stick to the rules. The rule not to purchase anything below it 30 day average but I still put all my money in VZ at 28.30. Now it is 27.30. That was loss of 500 right away. Again i lost money on DPZ also buying it below the 30 day average. So if I want to trade I have to stick to the rules otherwise its only a waste of time. 

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