Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Deep sweetness in my mouth
Life is wonderful
Life stay this way
Purusha is the Lord
Lower purusha sacrifice
detach from mind and body
Let a higher force reveal
your true nature.
Sweetness pour into the mouth
I enjoy life in that sweetness.
I can taste it. It is sweet.
How can I keep this everyday?
Purusha learn to detach from mind
and sacrifice. know your great true nature.
Happy is life.
Know your true nature. Detach from mind and body.
I love myself. I am purusha. I love purusha.
He is so sweet. Intense happiness.
No sense enjoyment can come close to this intensity.
This is the best. Sweetness in my mouth.
Head is light. Mind is silent. Sweetness in mouth.
Lips are numb. sweetness pulls me inside.
I close my eyes. Go deeper into the sweetness.
Force coming down from between the eye brows.
Lips are sweet and tongue tastes sweet too.
I want to taste this wine every day.
Purusha detach, sacrifice action.
Do not think you are mind or body.
You are delight. You are the best.
Only when you sacrifice
you detach from mind and body
otherwise you think you are mind and body.
you lose into suffering
sacrifice and taste your own self
that is sweet and beautiful.
Purusha awaken, know thyself
you are the sweet wine
that my lips can taste.
you are not the mind or body
you are the best.
I love you. You are the best of my life.

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