Sunday, August 26, 2012

Greatest Reward

The Greatest reward, I have even seen is with the weekly stocks. If one can get into Apple weekly stock when the stock is down 1-2 percent when it is consolidating on the uptrend one can get intraday low point and get it at the right time then, one can expect it to move 3-4 times.

I have seen this happen in the intraday trade. This was the most amazing thing I have seen. One has to be a master of INTRADAY chard reading and just follow the 30 day moving average. Just follow the moving average. Only shoot the arrow when one understands the chart and when the charts behaves the way it behaves in the standard model, one can buy the intraday options may be purchase with 5 thousand dollars.

I have seen a 2 dollar intraday weekly option go to 8 dollars. It is highly speculative but if one can master it and follow the charts and do it once in a while this can give great rewards.

Of course, as humans we make mistakes but as humans we can also exceed our mistakes with disciple and study.

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