Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The plan for option Apple trading

Since Apple is in uptrend, it is good to buy CALL options. Since the action is not guaranteed to be this week, it is better to buy 1 or 2 month expiration IN THE MONEY OPTIONS. Either September or October.

When to buy?

Since AAPL is showing consolidation at 675 range, I would wait for a down day around 1 percent down. I would average down option price from 675 to 670. The average should be around 672-3.

Then I would wait for it to to higher. Since the resistance is at 670, I would get a max pain loss of 15 percent loss.

If i get lucky and if the stock goes to 665 range that would be a great buy.

So this is the plan for this week of option buying.

I should have done that today. But I did not have a plan. I was doing weekly option super volatile trading. But it is time to go long with 1-2 expiration during consolidation and to average down.

One has to go by Intraday moving average to understand the intraday mood of the market.

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