Friday, August 31, 2012

Rule NO 1. Back yourself up always in every single trade

1. Simple rules

a) For stocks use stop loss or hedge with options, prefer to use stop loss or buy out of money options both are good.

b) for  Options use a straddle at least during the initial big position during consolidation phase of 6 days. Of course invest money when there is a trend. But trends can also be uncertain. Future is always uncertain even in best trends. So back yourself up always.

Implied volatility has a big or singular role in options. Only buy options during consolidation phase of trend when the volatility is low and option price is low.

stop loss does not work in options because by the time you open the computer next day the option is down 50 percent if the underlying is down 10 dollar for example.

So stop loss is stupid in options only way to do it is to hedge it with opposite option at same strike price.

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