Friday, August 24, 2012

Trading weekly strategy

I am keeping 5k reserve so that when the market gives a jerk to AAPL when it comes down 10 points then I am going to dive in and buy some weekly and sell the same day after the stock recovers.

For buying the weekly using the 30 day moving average is a must. If done properly, this can give great profits in a single day or a couple of days.

Also I have seen that during an uptrend some days AAPL can lose 10 points expecially early in the morning. That can be a good time to buy the weekly at cheap price and hold it.

Buy the weekly on the day of selling and look at the moving average. Until the stock is sitting below the moving average do not buy. Once it starts to settle down and starts to emerge out of the average, that is the exact time to buy.

If done properly on the correct days, it is a major weapon. 

One has to be super super careful. If one does not do the right thing than burning your hand can be very painful.

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